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Louise Pettus Archives and Special Collections

Rules and Regulations

Rules For Use of the
Manuscript and Archival Material

Disclaimer: The below statement is for informational purposes only. The "Rules for Use" form must be completed and signed at the archives by patrons prior to obtaining materials for research.

  1. Researcher must call, write, or email in advance of arriving at the Archives.
  2. Researcher must sign the Visitor’s Register each day that he or she uses the Archives.
  3. All materials are to be used in the Archives’ research room in an area designated by the Archives’ staff. 
  4. Only pencils, notecards, laptops, and paper essential for research will be allowed in the research area.  All briefcases, coats, and other items not essential for research should be deposited with a member of the Archives' staff.
  5. All materials are housed in closed stacks.  A staff member will assist researchers and bring material to the research room.
  6. All notes must be taken in pencil or on a typewriter/computer only!
  7. The exact order or arrangement of the papers must be kept intact. If any mistake in arrangement is discovered, please call it to the attention of an Archives staff member. Loose material may not be removed from their folders.
  8. Exercise greatest possible care to prevent damage to materials and extreme care in handling fragile items.  This also includes making no marks on materials, no resting of books or objects on the surface of items used, handling loose sheets by their edges and avoiding, as far as possible, touching the surface with hands.
  9. A minimum of materials essential to immediate research needs is allowed at any time.
  10. The Archives Department will consider requests for limited reproduction of material when such duplication can be done without injury to the material, when such duplication does not violate donor agreements or copyright restrictions, and when reproduction does not cause undue burden to the staff.
  11. Photo-reproduction will be furnished at the researcher's expense.  Do not remove any material from the collection or change its order in the collection.  Please ask a member of the Archives' staff for instructions and assistance if photocopying is desired.
  12. All photocopying and scanning services are performed by Archives’ staff. No scanners or cameras are permitted in the Research Area.
  13. For publication of any archival materials (photos, etc.) a credit line specifically for Archives should be given as follows:  “Photograph courtesy of the Louise Pettus Archives & Special Collections at Winthrop University.”
  14. Permission to publish from unpublished manuscripts or published work under copyright must first be obtained from the holder of copyright. It is the researcher’s responsibility to secure that permission.
  15. No food or beverages are allowed in the research room, and smoking is prohibited.
  16. On citing material from the manuscript collection located in this department, the form should be as follows (after identification of item and title of Collection):  Louise Pettus Archives & Special Collections.  Dacus Library, Winthrop University.