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Louise Pettus Archives and Special Collections

University Records Management

Retention and Submission

  1. All records produced or received in the course of official business are the property of Winthrop University.
  2. Records documenting the development of Winthrop University by law can not be destroyed without approval from South Carolina Department of Archives and History. These records include: correspondence; memoranda; minutes; publications; publicity material; speeches; student, financial and business files; memorabilia; photographs, negatives, slides and audiovisual material.
  3. Each department transferring records to the Archives will receive an inventory of the records upon request.
  4. Staff in the Archives will advise each department on the care and arrangement of records in their custody upon request.
  5. Each department may decide when records should be transferred to the Archives, in accordance with the guidelines formulated by the South Carolina Department of Archives and History. Office files should be transferred as previously arranged, since the organization reflects the functions and activities of that office.
  6. When records become inactive, the Archives should be notified. Arrangements should be made for the transfer of historically valuable records to the Archives. The office of origin should arrange for the disposal of other documents. This procedure will be in accordance with the South Carolina Public Records Act which provides for the scheduled disposition of records of state institutions with the approval of the appropriate institution, the Department of Archives and History, and the State Budget and Control Board. (Code of Laws of South Carolina, 1962, 1975 Cumulative Supplement Sec. 1-581,1-594, inclusive.)

Access to Records

  1. Each department transferring documents may have access to these documents during regular business hours, subject to regulations of the Archives. A department may also withdraw on loan any records which it has deposited, with the exception of very fragile and rare items to be supplied in photocopy or facsimile.
  2. A department transferring documents may specify any limitations on access of materials by others. Specifications should be consistent with the Code of Laws of South Carolina.

Reference/Research Policy

  1. Records in the Archives are available to the public and to the Winthrop Community for research subject to the rules and regulations consistent with the laws of South Carolina.
  2. The staff in Archives will assist any department in the transfer of records.
  3. The Archives will supply photocopies of records in its custody. The cost of such service will be incurred by the researcher.


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