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Library Services Quick Guide

Brief guide to basic library services

Course and Textbook Reserves Information for Instructors


Dacus Library's reserves system assists Winthrop faculty in making course-related materials available to their students.

What Materials may be placed on reserve?

Physical materials may include books, DVDs, CDs, journal articles or book chapters, and instructor-created course material such as syllabi, or course notes.

Electronic materials may include excerpts from journals and books in the library's collection or instructor-created course materials (notes, syllabi, etc.)

Does Dacus Library maintain a textbook collection?

The library no longer purchases textbooks. However, instructors are encouraged to provide copies of current textbooks to be placed on print/physical reserve in the library.

  • These materials remain the property of the instructor and will be returned upon request or on the date indicated on the reserve reading list. 

If you have questions about placing your textbooks or other course readings on reserve, contact contact Nancy White.

To inquire about the library's acquisition procedures, contact Martha Smith.

What is the process for putting materials on reserve?

Physical Reserves (Library owned or instructor owned materials):

  • Requests must be initiated by the instructor. 
  • Using the online request form will help facilitate processing and return of materials; however, a syllabus or citation list may be substituted for the request form:
    • For library-owned items, include call number, author, and brief title.
    • If using a syllabus, please include course and instructor information.
    • Send as an e-mail attachment to Nancy White.
    • Submit reserve lists early as possible to ensure their availability for the semester. Allow 3 working days for processing:
  • Security tags and identification information will be attached to all personal copies.
  • Reserve materials are subject to heavy use and may be in poor condition when returned. The library cannot be responsible for loss of, or damage to, reserve items.

Access the Print Materials Request Form

Electronic Reserves:

Dacus Library will place approved materials on electronic reserve using the Blackboard Library Content folders.

  • Requests must include instructor name, course number, number of students enrolled, and complete citation information for each reading list. Using the online request form will help to facilitate processing; however, you may substitute a syllabus or list of citations:
    • Clearly indicate which items are to be placed on e-reserve.
    • Include instructor and course information, including number of students enrolled
    • E-mail attachments to Nancy White.
  • Articles and excerpts from materials in the library's physical collection will be scanned and uploaded on request, provided the readings meet generally accepted standards for Fair Use. 
  • The library will also scan and upload copies of instructor-created course materials (notes, sylliabi, etc.)
  • After the files are posted in Blackboard, course instructors must make the readings visible to students.
  • Instructors may add their own content to Blackboard, including links to licensed content from library databases, and links to unprotected websites (such as YouTube). 
  • Instructors are responsible for evaluating and posting any material not owned by the library. The library does not file permissions requests or pay copyright fees.
  • When sharing materials, remember to:
  • For additional information concerning the appropriate, compliant, and fair use of copyrighted works, please visit our Copyright and Fair Use Guide and review the Winthrop University Copyright PolicyYou may also contact the Reference Desk or the Reserves Department for further assistance.
  • if you need assistance uploading materials to Blackboard, the Winthrop Office of Online Learning provides training and technical support for constructing and adding materials to your Blackboard courses.

Access the E-Reserves Request Form