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ARTS 281: Art Fieldwork and Research: Project Ideas


Project Ideas:
-Research how Winthrop archaeology classes conduct fieldwork 
-Examine and research the Winthrop architecture
-Research the history of the Winthrop farm that was at Winthrop Lake
-Research the trees and foliage on the Winthrop campus
-Research the history of Winthrop University, and the process of the becoming co-ed
-Research astronomer observation processes at Winthrop
-Research history of the Carhartt mansion in Rock Hill (the remains of which are still on the trail at Riverwalk trail). 


Historic Brattonsville
Historic Brattonsville includes three homes built between 1776 and 1855 by the Brattons, a prominent family of York County. It was named to the National Register of Historic Places in 1971.
Anne Springs Close Greenway
The Anne Springs Close Greenway is an extensive protected natural area in Fort Mill, South Carolina consisting of approximately 2,100 acres of lakes, forests, and pastures
Piedmont Medical Center Nature Trail (also called Riverwalk trail)

Piedmont Medical Center Trail is a paved, winding trail that runs alongside the Catawba River. The trail is 2.5 miles in length one-way and connects to River Park Trail into River Park, where there are more trails within the park that connects to the Waterford Golf Course Trail. The trail is part of the City of Rock Hill's Trail and Greenway System.

Winthrop Lake


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