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Ida Jane Dacus Library- Winthrop University

Instructor Reserves (Course Reserves)

Dacus Library's reserves system is available to assist faculty in making course-related materials available to their students. These materials may include books, DVDs, CDs, course notes, journal articles or other excerpted readings, sample tests, and a variety of other material types. All reserve readings must be legally obtained copies, regardless of format. 

Physical reserve materials are kept at the Information Commons and are available during normal Information Commons Desk hours. Electronic reserves are posted through BlackBoard's Library Content module, providing secure access and easy integration with other course content.

All individual course reserve requests must be initiated by the instructor. Once the request is received, the reserves staff will pull materials from the stacks and/or process instructor-owned items. Professors should bring or e-mail lists as early as possible to ensure the availability of readings for the semester. Requests are processed in order of receipt, so please allow for least 3 working days processing time. If your materials are not posted within 3 days, contact the Circulation Department at 803/323-4502.  Once the readings are processed, they will be searchable by instructor name, course number and course title in the Reserves & Textbooks section of the library catalog. Professors are asked to check the catalog or contact Nancy White at, before telling their classes that materials are available.

All reserves, whether physical or electronic, must be in compliance with Federal Copyright Law and the Winthrop University Copyright Policy. Requests for readings which cannot be licensed, consist of or include infringing material, or violate any other element of the law or the university's policies will not be posted.

Dacus Library Textbook Collection

The library has a limited budget available to purchase textbooks for high-enrollment (50 or more students) courses. These materials are checked out to Winthrop students only for three hours, and must be used in the library.  Textbooks purchased by the library or donated to the textbook collection are available to students in all sections of a course, regardless of instructor, and remain in the collection until the title is no longer in use. Professors may donate copies of current textbooks or inquire about the library's textbook acquisition policy by contacting Nancy White at

Instructors may also make textbooks available for their own section(s) of a course by placing a personal copy on print/physical reserve in the library. These materials remain the property of the instructor and will be returned upon request. Items donated to the library's Textbook Collection become the property of Dacus Library and cannot be returned to the donor.

Reserve Categories, Source of Acquisition, and Loan Periods


Reserve Location Source of Acquisition Type of Materials Shelving Scheme Loan Period Options
Textbook Reserve Library Purchase or Donation Textbooks & other required readings for classes with 50 or more students enrolled.  Library-assigned number 3 Hours/Library Use Only
Instructor Course Reserves Instructor Request Any legally obtained reading or visual material. May include textbooks that are not donations to textbook collection Instructor Last Name & Course

Instructor sets loan period:3 hours/ 24 hours/3 Days/7 Days

Permanent Reserves Library Staff Decision High use items; expensive items; university-related publications, such as budget and salary information Title Based on demand and type of material

Course Reserves Request (Printed Materials/Items)

If you have questions about submitting reserves, please refer to the "About Reserves" tab of this guide.  The link at the bottom of this page will take you to the request form for placing print/physical copies of materials on reserve in the library. When you are finished listing materials, click "Submit," and your list will be e-mailed to the Dacus Library Reserves Department. If you experience problems with this form or have questions that are not answered in the guide, call the Circulation Department at 803/323-4502.

  • Instructor and course information sections of the following form are required for processing. You may substitute a syllabus or list of citations for the remainder of the form, noting which items are to be placed on reserve.
  • Provide author, title and call number information for library items to assist us in locating the correct materials.
  • If using a syllabus or citations list, send as an e-mail attachment to Nancy White at 
  • If you are placing your personal copies of materials on reserve, submit this form prior to bringing your materials to the library.
    • The library will place security tags and identification information on all items.
    • Reserve materials are subject to heavy use and may be in poor condition when returned. The library cannot be responsible for loss of, or damage to, reserve items.
  • To request readings for Electronic Reserves, use the Electronic Reserves Request form.

Access the Print Materials Request Form


Electronic Reserves Request Form

If you have questions about submitting reserves, please refer to the "About Reserves" tab of this guide. Click the link at the bottom of this page to submit requests to place electronic versions of readings on reserve. When you are finished listing materials, click "Submit," and your list will be e-mailed to the Dacus Library Reserves department. If you have any problems with this form or have questions that are not answered in the guide, please call the Circulation Department at 803/323-4502.

  •  All electronic reserves will be posted in the Blackboard Library Content folders for easy integration into course pages. Only the course instructor can make these readings visible to students.
  • All requests for Electronic Reserves will be reviewed for copyright compliance; readings which do not meet the standards for Fair Use or for which a license cannot be purchased at a reasonable price will not be posted.
  • Instructors are encouraged to use readings available in either the library’s physical collection or databases; Reserves staff will provide stable URLs for database selections.
  • The instructor and course portions of this form are required for processing; you may substitute a syllabus or list of citations for the remainder of the form. Note which syllabus items are to be posted in e-reserves. 
  • If submitting  a syllabus or list of citations, send as an e-mail attachment to Nancy White at Readings cannot  be posted without a complete citation.
  • ​Requests for scans of library materials must include call number.
  • If the library does not have access to a reading, you may submit a personal copy or file for consideration by submitting the request form and e-mailing the file(s) to Nancy White at
  • All electronic reserves are removed at the end of the semester. 

Access the E-Reserves Request Form