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ARTS 281: Art Fieldwork and Research: Instructions


Step 1: Pick a site on campus or locally in Rock Hill, and begin conducting research and fieldwork on this site. Write 3 questions that you will attempt to answer through your research/fieldwork--these questions may be fluid and will probably change as the project evolves.



Step 2: Examine and interrogate your site through artistic research and fieldwork, and consider how you can borrow from traditional research methodologies. Experiment and document everything. Be creative, and think about how you can look outside the field of art for inspiration in your work. Keep a logbook: record your research, and document each site visit. Write about the site, what it feels like, looks like, sounds like, what you did there, how you felt there + any other thing that you feel is relevant to your research. Begin to think about what types of experiments you can conduct to attempt to answer your 3 questions. Approach your experimentation in the manner of a forensic investigator, archaeologist, scientist, historian, city planner, etc. Keep a logbook and document everything: record data, identify evidence, deconstruct narratives, invalidate assumptions, uncover hidden forces, claim something possibly outrageous, test viability, etc.



Step 3: Compile this research and documentation into an installation. Use at least two of the applications learned in class for some element of your installation. Consider how you will install the work in the space. How does your installation respond to the space in which it is installed? How does the work function differently now that they are removed from your site? What information does your installation reveal to your viewer?


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