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Federal Government Information: Sample Citations

Citation examples


U.S. Code (Current and federal laws arranged by subject)

  • Sample citation: 20 U.S.C. 1070a (Title 20, section 1070a)

U.S. Statutes at Large (All the laws passed by Congress and signed by the President arranged chronologically)

    • Sample citation: P.L. 89-329 (the 329th Public Law passed by the 89th Congress)
                         or: 79 STAT 1219 (Vol. 79, page 1219 of the U.S. Statutes at Large)

Code of Federal Regulations (Administrative rules passed by federal agencies)

  • Sample citation: 34 CFR 690 (Title 34, chapter 690)

Federal Register (New and amended regulations appear here first)

  • Sample citation: 50 FR 10717 (Volume 50, page 10717)

Citing Government Information