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Federal Government Information: Online Catalogs and Databases


Search full-text; active or archived documents; or by funding opportunity, date, CFDA number, category, funding instrument type, eligibility, or agency to find federal funding opportunities.

Government Accountability Office

Government Accountability Office

  • Search GAO reports and legal products
  • from 1970 along with selcted publications as far back as 1922 (not comprehensive)
  • published reports, testimonies, correspondence, and special publications

General Online Databases and Catalogs

Defense databases and Catalogs

Air University Library Index to Military Periodicals (AULIMP)

  • database of significant articles, news items, and editorials from English language military and aeronautical periodicals
  • Index contains citations since 1988 and is updated continuously.

Homeland Security Digital Library

  • scholarly research in the area of Homeland Security
  • Congressional Research Service (CRS) reports; Congressional Budget Office (CBO) reports; Congressional hearings, reports, documents, resolutions and public laws; Government Accountability Office (GAO) reports; Inspector General reports; Presidential directives, executive orders and reports; Office of Management and Budget (OMB) reports; theses and research reports from federal/defense schools; and reports from major federal commissions.

Research and Development Descriptive Summaries (RDDS)

  • information on Research, Development, Test and Evaluation programs and Program Elements
  • for the Department of Defense


Price and Wages by Decade

This guide points to prices and wages found in primary sources for each decade back to the 1700s.  Our preference is government sources though we also use commercial catalogs, travel guides, newspapers, etc.  We point only to publications that are freely available online, and make extensive use of the HathiTrust Digital Library, the FRASER® digital library and the Internet Archive.

With regard to prices, our primary focus is price paid by the consumer.  Usually that means retail prices.  However, consumers did at times have the opportunity to purchase at wholesale, for example, when buying flour by the barrel (see an explanation in this 1880 marketing guide).  Accordingly, our website does point to some wholesale prices, especially in earlier decades. 

This website is managed by Marie Concannon of the University of Missouri Library's Government Information Department.  


NTIS - National Technical Information Service: Search

Freely accessible version of the searchable catalog of government research information products.

Public Technical Reports

A searchable database of unclassified documents in the Defense Technical Information Center's Technical Reports Collection, including the full-text of many documents. 

OSTI.GOV is the primary search tool for DOE science, technology, and engineering research information with over 70 years of scientific and technical information from DOE and DOE predecessor agencies, and it employs an innovative semantic search tool enabling scientists, researchers, and the public to retrieve more relevant information. OSTI.GOV has about 3 million total records.

Science Inventory

From the Environmental Protection Agency, the site provides a searchable, Agency-wide catalog of science activities such as research, technical assistance and assessments, along with peer-reviewed products.

A gateway to selected authoritative science web sites and databases of technical reports, journal articles, conference proceedings, and other published materials. The web pages and the databases can be searched individually or simultaneously from the search page. The site also includes an Image Search feature as one of its Special Collections.

"A global science gateway—accelerating scientific discovery and progress through a multilateral partnership to enable federated searching of national and international scientific databases and portals." From the U.S. Department of Energy and the WorldWide Science Alliance.