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Federal Government Information: US Congressional Debates

Daily proceedings of Congress

Annals of Congress, (1789–1824)
Docs Enclosed X 1.1:1789-91 and online
– official title ‘‘The Debates and Proceedings in the Congress of the United States"
- 1st Congress through the 1st session, 18th Congress 
- compiled between 1834 and 1856 using primarily newspaper accounts

Register of Debates, (1824–1837)
Docs Enclosed X 1.1:1824-25
–a record of the congressional debates
- the 18th Congress, 2nd Session through the 25th Congress, 1st Session 

Congressional Globe, (1833–1873)
Docs Enclosed X 72-X 180 1833-1873

- record of debates
- (by the mid-nineteenth century, using shorthand, it became a closer proximity to the current transcript-style record of debates)

Congressional Record, (1873-present)
Docs Enclosed X 1.1: v.1, 43rd Congress- v.32
Docs South Basement – X 1.1: v.33, 56th Congress-103rd;
‘‘2nd Floor-Docs Microforms’‘ – X 1.1: 1985-

and online
- remarks and debates in transcript form
- also speeches by Senators and Representatives of the U.S. Congress


House and Senate Journals
: (House) Paper 1953-80; Microfiche 1979-
XJS: (Senate) Paper 1953-81
Microfiche 1979-
and online
– from the first session, Congress has kept a journal of their proceedings in accordance with Article I, Section 5 of the Constitution
- minutes of floor actions and not a transcript of proceedings

Journals of the Continental Congress
Docs Enclosed
X 1.1:
– the records of the daily proceedings of the Congress
    as kept by the office of its secretary
- 34 volumes and index