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Federal Government Information: Census

About the Census

United States Census Bureau 

  • in Commerce Department
  • conducted every 10 years
  • the first Census was 1790

Click this link for Cencus Bureau Data Search Tutorials.

Census Data

Census 2010

American Factfinder

  • data from the 2000
    and the 2010 censuses

 American Community Survey

  • annually (except during decennial census year)
  • 48 questions
  • random U.S. households concerning:
      income, education, household type
    and makeup, race and ancestry.

Create Maps

Where do College Graduates Work?

Where Do College Graduates Work? 

You can see the relationship between college major and occupation in a new interactive graphic that highlights the diverse employment patterns of college graduates. 

Census Coverage Measurement

This video describes how the U.S. Census Bureau conducts a survey after the census to help measure the quality of the census.

Historical Census


Census Bureau programs can be split into 2 broad categories:

1. Demographic