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Federal Government Information: Introduction

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Citing Government Information

Dacus Library

Locating U.S. GOVERNMENT INFORMATION in Dacus Library

Dacus Library has been a part of the U.S. Federal Depository Library Program since 1896. As a selective depository, we receive 35 percent of the documents published by the U.S. government. Our collection supports the research and teaching mission of Winthrop University and the information needs of the 5th Congressional District.

Hours: Monday - Friday, 8:30 am to 5:00 pm.

Researchers are welcome to browse the collection without an appointment during Community User Access Days on Thursdays and Fridays. Please call, write or e-mail if you would like access to the collection Monday - Wednesday.  You may search for government documents through our library catalog at any time. For more information about library access please see this page.

Prior to your visit, check the building hours on the library’s homepage for holiday closures, weather-related closures, or adjustments to opening/closing times. 

If you need assistance with government information, contact the Government Documents Department via email or phone. You can also contact the Reference Department for assistance. 

For additional information or to make an appointment, contact:

Jackie McFadden
Government Documents Coordinator

Series by Department

Agricultural Department

  • Bulletins, A 1.3:1 –
  • Circulars, A 1.41:1 –
  • Yearbook of Agriculture, A 1.10:1895 –
  • North American Fauna series, A 5.5:1 – 56
  • Forest Service Bulletins, A 13.3:1 –
  • Forest Service Circulars, A 13.4:1 –
  • USDA Soil Surveys, A 26.5:1900 – and later call numbers
  • USDA Wealth Bureau, A 29.1:1892 –

Commerce, Trade, and Treasury materials

  • Foreign Commerce of the U.S. and Economic Reports of other countries, 1920’s, C 18.26: and C 18.27:
  • Federal Antitrust Decisions, 1890–1931, J 1.2:An 8/3/v. #
  • Commercial Relations of the U.S., 1858–1902, S 4.1:
  • (Treasury) Finance Report, 1815 – , T 1.1:
  • Report of the Comptroller of the Currency, T 12.1:1884–1927
  • Statistics of Income – Business and Personal, T 22.35:1930–
  • Weather materials, C 30.25:1940– and C 30.71/5: and C 55.195:

Patents and Trademarks

  • Annual Report of the Commissioner of Patents, Docs Enclosed I 23.1: and C 21.1:
  • Index of Patents, C 21.5/2:1933 –
  • Index of Trademarks, C 21.5/3:1927 –

Defense & War materials

  • Revolutionary Diplomatic Correspondence, 1775-1785, Docs Enclosed Z 2.4
  • Navel Documents of the American Revolution, D 207.12:
  • Official Army Registers, 1815-1893, Docs Enclosed W 3.11 and W 3.12
  • War Department Annual Reports, W 1.1:1913 –
  • U.S. Army in the World War, 1917–1919, M 103.9:
  • World War II Histories, D 114: and D 301.82:
  • Japanese Relocation Monographs, WWII, Docs Enclosed I 52.2:
  • International Military Tribunal (Nuremberg Trials), M 105.2:
  • Nazi Conspiracy and Aggression, W 1.2:
  • U.S. Strategic Bombing Survey, W 1.71:1940’s
  • Roll of Honor (soldiers buried in national cemeteries), W 39.7:1866–1871 and W 39.8:
  • Documents of Disarmament, AC 1.11/2:1945–1986


  • Public Health Bulletins, T 27.12:1900 – 1939
  • Public Health Reports, 1939 – FS 2.7: (and later call #s)
  • Vital Statistics of the U.S. Mortality Statistics, C 3.40:1909-1936, C 3.139:1937-1944 (later FS and HE)


  • Current material is ED, FS for older material starting in 1945–
  • Report of the Commissioner of Education, I 16.1:1878–1912

Indian Affairs

  • Report of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, 1873–1920, I 1.1
  • Report on Indian Affairs, 1875–1908, I 20.1:

Interior Department & USGS

  • (USGS) Annual Reports, 1880-1949, I 19.1:
  • (USGS) Bulletins, 1883–1950, I 19.3:# (1-967)
  • (USGS) Monographs, 1890–1929, I 19.9:# (complete series)
  • (USGS) Professional Papers, 1902–1958, I 19.16:v. 1-299
  • Official Register of the U.S., I 1.25:1863–1905 and C 3.10:1909–1932
  • Public Lands, I 21.5:1882–1927
  • Bureau of Reclamation (western water and dams), I 27.1:1902–1949
  • Yellowstone and Yosemite National Park Report, 1877–1912, I 29.6:
  • Statistics of Railways in the U.S., IC 1 ste.1:1888–1902

Labor Department

  • Report of the Commissioner of Labor, 1889– , L 1.1
  • Bulletins, 1890–1917, Docs Enclosed L 2.3:v.1 – 199
  • Children’s Bureau, Docs Enclosed L 5.20
  • Women’s Division, L 13.3:1918- (and other later call #s)
  • Immigration Bureau, Docs Enclosed L 3.7:

Library of Congress

  • Catalog of the Library of Thomas Jefferson, LC 1,2:J 35/51
  • Annual Report of the Library of Congress, LC 1.1:1902-
  • Copyright Decisions, LC 3.3/2:1789 – 1985

Smithsonian Institution

  • Several series, 1800’s to early 1900’s, Docs Enclosed SI
  • Annual Report of the Smithsonian, SI 1.1:1853- and SI 3.1:

State Department

  • Messages and Diplomatic Correspondences, Docs Enclosed S 1.1:
  • Foreign Relations of the United States, 1862–1899, Docs Enclosed S 1.1:


  • Life Saving Service (disasters and accidents on waterways) T 24.1:1876–1914


  • Selective Service Regulations, 1940’s, Y 3.Se 4:6/
  • WPA Reports, Y 3.W89/2: Congress #
  • American Archives, 1774-76 (colonial affairs and the American Revolution) Docs Enclosed
  • Secret Journals of the Acts and Proceedings of Congress from the first meeting thereof to the dissolution of the confederation, 1775-1788 Docs Enclosed
  • See tabs under US Legislation - Congressional Debate titles and Serial Set

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