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Library Collection Development

A high-level overview of the ordering process, liaison roles, and collections policies.

About the liaison program

Departmental liaisons play an important role as a bridge between the library and their department. They review order requests from their faculty colleagues, make purchase decisions based on the needs of their department, and meet deadlines to ensure that their department gets full use of its allocated budget. They also let the library know, through either their librarian counterpart or the Acquisitions and Collections Librarian, of any new or expanding curricular areas, of any areas that are being phased out, and of accreditation needs. They may also be asked to take information or questions from the library back to their faculty colleagues. Departmental liaisons help the library continue to provide outstanding collections and services to the Winthrop community of scholars. 

Library liaisons are the library faculty who work to ensure that library collections are balanced, current, and serve the needs of Winthrop's academic community. They collaborate with their departmental counterparts to stay abreast of current and future needs of their departments, and develop expertise in the the research tools for their departments. In addition to working with collections, library liaisons maintain research guides and offer library instruction in their areas of responsibility.


Each academic department designates a liaison to the library who coordinates departmental faculty selections.
The library designates a librarian who is responsible for assigned subject areas.

Departmental liaisons recommend orders for titles in their fields of specializations
Librarians order reference works and other materials not covered by departmental requests.