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Winthrop University

Library Collection Development

A high-level overview of the ordering process, liaison roles, and collections policies.

Ordering Procedures

Orders for books and media should include:

  • Your name 
  • Title of publication
  • Author
  • Publication Year
  • Price
  • ISBN (when available)

Orders may be submitted in several different ways, including but not limited to:

  • GOBI
  • Choice reviews
  • Publication announcements

However you choose to submit your order requests, please make sure to include your name so we can contact you.

Subscription Requests

Subscription Requests: Subscription requests for journals, newspapers, electronic databases, annual publications, directories, etc. may be submitted to

Subscriptions are an ongoing expense and requires a more in-depth review process, since a new subscription may mean canceling a different subscription. The library does not allocate funds to departments for subscriptions.

Funds Charged for Library Orders

Funds Charged for Library Orders: 

  • Departmental liaison selections are charged against subject-specific funds for their selections. 
  • Librarian selections are charged against the library-internal allocations for General Collection, Reference, and replacements.
  • The recurring charges for print and electronic subscriptions are charged against subscription funds.