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Winthrop University

Library Collection Development

A high-level overview of the ordering process, liaison roles, and collections policies.

Collection Management Calendar


  • Budget reports showing expenditures and encumbrances are provided to all liaisons each month throughout the fiscal year.
  • New Titles guide is updated after each completed month.


  • Fiscal year runs from July 1 through June 30.
  • Library ordering resumes.


  • Liaison assignments are finalized after academic departments' faculty return to campus.


  • Departmental Liaisons are informed of their materials allocations for the year.
  • Annual Liaisons meeting ​
    • Invitations to the Annual Liaisons meeting are sent after faculty return to campus in August.


  • 50% of allocation should be spent or encumbered by December 1.
  • Reminder of the April 1 ordering deadline is sent to all departmental liaisons before fall semester’s end.


  • February 1: Second reminder of the April 1 deadline is sent to all departmental liaisons.
  • Liaisons in the library are informed of remaining funds in the Departmental allocations.


  • March 15: Final reminder that order requests from departmental liaisons should be submitted by April 1.

 April through June

  • April 1: Ordering deadline.
  • April 2: Unused allocations are reallocated toward areas with order requests on hand.
  • Acquisitions and Collections Librarian discusses unordered requests with departmental liaisons.
  • Unordered requests are sent back to the liaisons, if requested.
  • Departmental liaisons' continuing service in following year is verified before May Commencement if possible.
  • Library liaisons work with departmental liaisons toward meeting long-term strategic collection-building needs.
  • Acquisitions and Collections Librarian begins preparing for next year's team of departmental and library liaisons.
  • Preparation begins for new fiscal year.
  • June 30: end of current fiscal year.