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Library Collection Development

A high-level overview of the ordering process, liaison roles, and collections policies.


Welcome to Dacus Library's guide to Collection Development. With this guide you should be able to:

  • Locate contact information for departmental and library liaisons.
  • Find dates for deadlines and selectors' meetings.
  • Learn more about the resources that assist in the ordering process.
  • Get an overview of the Library's policies for collections.

Contact us at for more information about our collection management policies and procedures.

Collection Development at the Dacus Library

The Library’s collaborative approach to collection-building ensures a comprehensive strategy for meeting the University’s study and research needs, with the responsibility for selecting materials for the collection shared by academic departments’ liaisons (departmental liaisons) and librarians.

Each academic department designates a library liaison who coordinates departmental faculty selections.
The library designates a librarian who is responsible for assigned subject areas.

Departmental library liaisons recommend orders for publications in their fields of specializations
Librarians order reference works and other materials not covered by departmental requests.

Departmental library liaisons spend out their allocated funds for each academic year.
The Library sends out monthly budget statements at the beginning of each month.