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Library Collection Development

A high-level overview of the ordering process, liaison roles, and collections policies.

Selectors by Subject - 2019-2020

  Department Contact: Leah Kendall. Ext.3908.
  Library Contact: Cody Walters. Ext.2311.
  Accounting / Finance / Economics
  Department Contact: Nicholas Moellman. Ext. 2679.
  Library Contact: Diann Smothers. Ext. 2262.
  Department Contact: Sal Blair. Ext.6436.
  Library Contact: Jackie McFadden. Ext.2322.
  Chemistry / Physics / Geology
  Department Contact: Fatima Z. Amir. Ext.4935.
  Library Contact: Jackie McFadden. Ext.2322.
  Computer Science & Quantitative Methods
  Department Contact: Anna Romanova. Ext.2509.
  Library Contact: DeAnn Brame. Ext.2195.
  Counseling & Leadership / Education Core
  Department Contact: TBD.
  Library Contact: Emily Deinert. Ext.2259.
  Curriculum & Pedagogy
  Department Contact: Tammy Burnham. Ext.4754.
  Library Contact: Emily Deinert. Ext.2259.
  Department Contact: Elizabeth Dulemba. Ext.2660.
  Library Contact: Hope Johnson. Ext. 2319.
  Department Contact: Matthew Fike. Ext.4575.
  Library Contact: Phillip Hays. Ext 2304.
  Fine Arts
  Department Contact: Shaun Cassidy. Ext.2360.
  Library Contact: Hope Johnson. Ext. 2319.
  Department Contact: Dave Pretty. Ext. 4675.
  Library Contact: Martha Smith. Ext 2274.
  Human Experience (HMXP)
  Department Contact: Katarina Moyon. Ext.4663.
  Library Contact: Mark Herring. Ext.2232.
  Human Nutrition
  Department Contact: Karin Evans. Ext. 2101
  Library Contact: Cody Walters. Ext. 2322.
  Interdisciplinary Studies
  Department Contact: Bryan McFadden. Ext. 2282.
  Library Contact: Martha Smith. Ext. 2274.
  Juvenile Literature
  Department Contact: Tammy Burnham. Ext. 4754.
  Library Contact: Emily Deinert. Ext. 2259.
  Management / Marketing
  Department Contact: Tracy Griggs. Ext. 4624.
  Library Contact: DeAnn Brame. Ext. 2195. Team: Weeks.
  Mass Communication
  Department Contact: Nate Frederick. Ext. 4529.
  Library Contact: DeAnn Brame. Ext. 2195.
  Department Contact: Jessica Hamm. Ext. 3032.
  Library Contact: Diann Smothers. Ext. 2262
  Department Contact: J.L. McDaniel. Ext.2627.
  Library Contact: Pat Ballard. Ext. 2179.
  Physical Education, Sport, and Human Performance
  Department Contact: Kristi Schoepfer. Ext. 4871.
  Library Contact: Martha Smith. Ext. 2274.
  Philosophy & Religious Studies
  Department Contact: Will Kiblinger. Ext. 4598.
  Library Contact: Mark Herring. Ext. 2232.
  Political Science
  Department Contact: Mike Lipscomb. Ext. 4666.
  Library Contact: Diann Smothers. Ext. 2262. 
  Department Contact: Giancarlo Anselmo. Ext. 2697.
  Library Contact: Amanda McLeod Ext. 2226.
  Library Contact: Emily Deinert. Ext. 2259. 
  Social Work
  Department Contact: Perry Owen. Ext. 3390.
  Library Contact: Amanda McLeod. Ext. 2226.
  Sociology, Criminology, & Anthropology
  Department Contact: Jonathan Marx. Ext. 4657.
  Library Contact: Phillip Hays. Ext. 2304.
  Special Collections
  Library Contact: Gina White. Ext. 2210.
  Theatre / Dance
  Department Contact: Janet Gray. Ext. 3840.
  Library Contact: Martha Smith. Ext. 2274.
  World Languages & Cultures
  Department Contact: Anna Igou. Ext. 2616.
Library Contact: Pat Ballard. Ext. 2179.