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Winthrop University

(Archived Aug. 2021) Return to Learn: Library Services during COVID-19

This guide provides answers to frequently asked questions about Dacus Library's operations during Winthrop University's COVID-19 Response.

Regarding the Requesting of Copies of Print Materials Owned by Dacus Library:

In the past, Interlibrary Loan requests for copies of materials owned by Dacus Library were canceled. Since library access has been limited due to COVID-19, these once-canceled requests will now be filled.

Please review the following rules/limitations before placing said requests:

  • Copyright Laws still apply;
  • Copy requests for items on Reserve (including Textbook Reserves) will be rejected;
  • We cannot copy more than 10% of any given book/journal; or, if the book in question consists of thousands of pages, we cannot copy more than 5 chapters of it.
  • If multiple chapters are needed, please place one request per chapter (i.e., if you need 3 chapters of a title, you will need to place 3 separate requests).


Requesting Copies of Materials Owned by Dacus Library:

The process for placing copy requests of materials owned by Dacus Library should be a familiar one - it is the same as placing requests for items not held by Dacus Library. The only difference will be how the patron receives the article/book chapter he/she requested: it will be sent via PDF to the patron's @winthrop email address, and the request will be "canceled", citing: Dacus owns item.

For illustrative purposes, a typical Copy request for a Dacus-owned item will go as follows:

  1. The patron (let's call her Karen) will access her Interlibrary Loan account (link). If it is the Karen's first time doing so, she will need to create an ILL account by using her Wingspan ID and password, and then following the ensuing prompts.
  2. Once signed in, Karen will see the default screen, which is the Book/Loan request form -- this form should only be used for Loan Requests. Karen will need to click on the New Copy Request link (picture 1) to be taken to the Article/Copy Request Form (picture 2).
    picture 1

    picture 2

  3. Karen will then fill out the Article Request Form with as much information as she can provide. The Copyright Response is a drop-down Yes/No box -- it records the borrower's oath to not use the material in a way that violates Copyright Laws.
    For chapter requests, Karen will enter the book title in the Journal/Book Title field, the chapter title in the Article/Chapter Title field, and so on. If she needs a chapter from a specific edition of a book, she should enter the edition number in the Volume field.
  4. Before submitting her request, Karen is required to calculate a Need Before Date. To do so in a way that will not result in her request being delayed and/or canceled, she should allow 3 to 5 business days, which is standard for copy/article requests. Book/Loan requests should allow 10 to 14 business days. A lot of requests are filled well before the suggested 3-to-5 or 10-to-14 business days - the extra time allows for problem-solving, if required.
  5. If submitted correctly, Karen will see be taken to a screen confirming her request was successful (picture 3), and she will also receive a confirmation email (picture 4).
    picture 3

    picture 4

  6. Once the request is filled, Karen will receive an email with a PDF of her request attached. Soon afterward, she will be notified via email that her request was canceled, citing: Dacus Owns Item. If at any time Karen wishes to check on the status of her request, she can click on the View Your Requests link for an update (picture 5)
    picture 5


Please direct any questions or concerns to Phillip Hays.