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Handbooks, Annuals and Statistical Surveys

Britannica Book of the Year (Ref. AE5.E364 - Kept at the Reference Desk) - ceased publication 2018

Demographic Yearbook (United Nations) (Ref. HA17.D45)

Europa World Year Book (Ref. JN1.E85)

Nations of the World (Ref HD2755.5 .N28)

Statesman's Yearbook (Ref. JA 51 .S7 - Kept at the Reference Desk)

Statistical Yearbook (United Nations) (Ref. HA12.5.U63)

World Almanac and Book of Facts (Ref. AY 67 .N5 .W7 - Kept at the Reference Desk)

Guides and Encyclopedias

Countries and Their Cultures (Ref. GN307 .C68 2001)

Encyclopedia of the World's Nations (Ref. G63 .K874 2002)

Worldmark Encyclopedia of Cultures and Daily Life (Ref. GN333 .W67 2009)