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American History: Databases

This guide covers resources, both print and electronic, for researching the history of the United States from colonial times to the present.

How do databases contribute to my research?

Databases are particularly useful for finding articles on your topic.  While you can find titles of journals and newspapers in the Dacus Online catalog, you'll need to use an index to find articles.  The databases below index hundreds of journals, as well as some other publications.  Many of the results will be available in full-text - that is, you can get to the entire article.  Others are citations or abstracts, which can lead you to the full-text.

Search tip:  If you find a citation for an article that looks good, try searching for the name of the journal in OneSearch and see if we have the full-text available.

America: History and Life Database

Other Databases for American History

In addition to the America: History and Life Database, several other databases include information on U.S. history.

Newspaper Resources

Newspapers can be another rich source of information about historical events, trends, politics, etc.

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