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Foundations of Music Education: Books & Journals

Suggested sources available for research in music education.

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Books & Journals

 Handbooks to Research in Music and Music Education

Bayne, Pauline Shaw.  A Guide to Library Research in Music.  (Ref. ML 3797 .B29 2008)

Collins, Irma H.  Dictionary of Music Education.  (Ref. ML 102 .M76 .C65 2013)

Ely, Mark C. and Amy E. Rashkin.  Dictionary of Music Education: a Handbook of Terminology.  (Music Library Reference MT 1 .E49 2005)

Gottlieb, Jane.  Music Library and Research Skills.  (Ref. ML 3797 .G68 2009)

McPherson, Gary E. and Graham F. Welch, editors.  The Oxford University Handbook of Music Education.  2 vols.  (MT 1 .O93 2012)

Phelps, Roger P.  A Guide to Research in Music Education.  5th ed.  (General Collection, Reference, and Music Library Reference: MT 1 .P5 2005)

Phillips, Kenneth H.  Exploring Research in Music Education and Music Therapy.  (MT 1 .P5116 2008)

Sampsel, Laurie J.  Music Research: a Handbook.  2nd ed.  (Ref. ML 113 .S28 2013)

 Histories, Chronologies, and Other Useful Works

Heller, George N.  Music and Music Education History: a Chronology.  (ML 161 .H44 1996)

Mark, Michael L., ed.  Music Education: Source Readings from Ancient Greece to Today.  2nd ed.  (MT 2 .M94 2002)

Moore, Marvelene C., editor.  Critical Essays in Music Education.  (MT 1 .C834 2012)

 Useful Journals

Bulletin-Council for Research in Music Education.  (Current Subscription; older issues available on Microfilm or in Bound volumes, or as loose, current issues) (MT 6 .C793x)

Contributions to Music Education.  (Full text issues available online from 01/01/2005 to the present.)

Journal of Historical Research in Music Education.  (Full text issues available online from 10/01/2003 to the present.)

Journal of Research in Music Education.  (Full text issues available online from 04/01/1953 to the present.)

Research and Issues in Music Education: RIME.  (Full text issues available online from 09/01/2006 to the present.)