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History of Music from 1750-1900: Introduction

This guide presents resources which will help you complete your research paper in music history.

History of Music from 1750-1900 (MUST 306)

This guide will help you identify appropriate resources for your research project in History of Music from 1750-1900. Included in the guide are suggested subject headings to search in OneSearch to find materials in the library, online databases for finding journal articles, and relevant websites. Use the tabs above to choose the type of resource you want to use.

Keyword or Subject Searching: which option to choose and why

Keyword searching vs. subject searching:  In the search box on the library's homepage, type any search term(s) and you have a keyword search.  But you may get results that surprise you!  The keyword search "bach" will bring up results for Johann Sebastian Bach, but also for the Bach flow, and the Biomarkers in Acute Heart Failure Trial. A subject search for Bach, Johann Sebastian 1685-1750 eliminates such non-JSB books from the search results.  You can specify a subject search in an Advanced Search. Or click on the subject heading in a record to launch a new search on that subject.  

Smooth Operators: getting the most from search engines

Use of "AND" and "OR":  Use of AND combines important concepts.  OR brings up items containing any of the search terms.

Note:  If you put more than 1 word in the search box, the catalog assumes the AND and will look for items that include all your terms.  Also, in our catalog, operators must be capitalized.


  1. To find fewer: narrow the search with AND - opera AND "19th century"
  2. To find more: broaden the search with OR - music (quintet OR quartet) clarinet

Using " " (Quotation marks)

Putting quotation marks around words tells the system you are looking for that phrase, not the individual words.  A search for "program music" will find that phrase, whereas a search for the words program music will include results for (for example) school music programs and music therapy programs .  It's a way of narrowing your search and getting more relevant results.

The Meaning of * (Wildcard)

* picks up any characters after the end of the typed-in term.  Very useful for words with many variants.  For example, music* brings up music, musical, musicology, and any other variant.     


Library Chat:
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