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History of Music from 1750-1900: Databases

This guide presents resources which will help you complete your research paper in music history.

All Databases

Click on the links below for additional databases available for your use.


Music-Related Databases

Naxos Music Library

  • Streaming access to thousands of CDs in classical, contemporary jazz, jazz/folk/blues legends, and world/folk genres
  • Search by composer, work, genre and CD label, using keyword or advanced search
  • Liner notes for most recordings
  • Users can create personalized playlists
  • Numerous extra features; updated monthly


Oxford Music Online

  • Part of Oxford Reference Online: Premium
  • Comprehensive integrated full-text music resource
  • Includes: The Grove Dictionary of American Music (2nd edition, 2013), The Grove Dictionary of Musical Instruments (2nd edition, 2014), The New Grove Dictionary of Jazz (2nd edition, 2002), The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians (2nd edition, 2001), The New Grove Dictionary of Opera (1992), The Oxford Companion to Music (revised edition, 2011), and The Oxford Dictionary of Music (2nd edition, revised, 2006)
  • Includes Sibelius-enabled music examples
  • Updated regularly

RILM (Répertoire International de Littérature Musicale) Abstracts

  • International gateway to scholarly writings on music and music-related disciplines; has some full-text articles
  • Structured and works like Academic Search Complete
  • Covers 1967 to the present
  • Can limit search to Scholarly (Peer-Reviewed) journals
  • Can use an * (asterisk) to truncate a search term
  • Can email, print, or download search results and articles
  • Updated monthly

Multi-Disciplinary Databases

Academic Search Complete

  • Multi-disciplinary index to articles in more than 8,000 journals from 1975 to the present
  • Indexes journals and magazines in all subject areas, many of them in full text
  • Structured and works like RILM Abstracts
  • Can limit to Scholarly (Peer-Reviewed) journals
  • Can use an * (asterisk) to truncate a search term
  • Can email, print, or download search results and articles
  • Updated daily

Biography and Genealogy Master Index

  • Comprehensive index to biographical information on people from all time periods, geographical locations, and fields of endeavor

Biography In Context

  • Combines biographies from various sources on more than 1 million people from throughout history, across all disciplines and subject areas
  • Includes full-text articles from hundreds of periodicals, and links to Web sites. Good for basic information
  • Also includes The Complete Marquis Who's Who® and the Merriam-Webster's Collegiate and Biographical Dictionaries; Lives and Perspectives collection drawn from, among others, American Men & Women of Science, Encyclopaedia Judaica, Governments of the World, and Encyclopedia of African-American Culture and History
  • Updated daily


  •  Multi-disciplinary, multi-language, full-text database of hundreds of scholarly (peer-reviewed) journal articles; all journals included go back to their very first issue
  •  Includes "current" issues of only three music journals (19th-Century Music, International Review of the Aesthetics and Sociology of Music, and Journal of the American Musicological Society); all the rest have an embargo of several years before articles can be added to the database ("Moving Wall")
  •  Winthrop has full access to 47 journals in music
  •  Searchable; can limit the search by language, document type, and date of publication. Must select a specific discipline or one or more specific journals within a discipline for the search.
  • Remember to use quotation marks around terms ( “ ” ) when searching for an exact phrase
  • To print or download a document, first click on the DOWNLOAD PDF button, then on the link I Accept JSTOR's Terms and Conditions, proceed to PDF. Use the PDF icons to print or download the document. To email a document from a Library computer, click on the DOWNLOAD PDF button, then click on the download icon. This will save the document in the Downloads folder on the Desktop. Next, open your own email program, create a new message, find the document in the Downloads folder, attach it to the email you just created, and send the document wherever you want. Option: Download the article to the Desktop, then save the document to your own folder on Dropbox, Google Docs, etc. The document will be saved on the Desktop for only a short while, until you log off the computer or until the computer refreshes itself.


Oxford Reference Online: Premium

  • Has full-text reference titles in 19 broad disciplines, including the Oxford Music Online database, and several other titles in music