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Finding Phoebe
Research Methods in the Dance Sciences
Math for Business and Economics
Implicit Bias
Hip-Hop en Français
Handbook of Research on Cyber Law, Data Protection, and Privacy

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EBook Collections

RKMA Market Research 2024 eBook Series

Sage Knowledge Complete 2023 Books & Reference Collection


The ethics of microaggression / Regina Rini.

The regal throne power, politics and ribaldry : a guide to Shakespeares Richard II, Henry IV parts 1 and 2, and Henry V / Nicholas Dobson.

Sacred foundations : the religious and medieval roots of the European state / Anna M. Grzymała-Busse.

Finding Phoebe : What New Testament Women Were Really Like.

The Rise and Fall of Dispensationalism : How the Evangelical Battle over the End Times Shaped a Nation.

Oral Roberts and the Rise of the Prosperity Gospel.

Conjured Bodies : Queer Racialization in Contemporary Latinidad / Laura Grappo.

Sport tourism and local sustainable development / edited by Claude Sobry, Sorina Cernaianu.

Geography of happiness : a spatial analysis of subjective well-being / Eric Vaz, editor.

Dance and Belonging : Implicit Bias and Inclusion in Dance Education.

Sport management education : global perspectives and implications for practice / edited by Mike Rayner and Tom Webb.

Sport and the environment : politics and preferred futures / edited by Brian Wilson and Brad Millington.

Dance pedagogy for a diverse world : culturally relevant teaching in theory, research and practice / Nyama McCarthy-Brown ; foreword by Takiyah Nur Amin.

Who let them in? : pathbreaking women in sports journalism / Joanne Lannin ; foreword by Jackie MacMullan.

Sport for development and peace : foundations and applications / edited by Robert E. Baker, Craig Esherick, Pamela Hudson Baker.

Creative character design for games and animation / Jenny Harder.

Qualitative management research in context : data collection, interpretation and narrative / edited by Bruno Luiz Américo, Stewart Clegg, César Tureta.

Sustainable Development and Peace : A Study in Sociological Theory / Romina Gurashi.

Artisan entrepreneurship / edited by Vanessa Ratten [and three others].

Entrepreneurship, neurodiversity & gender : exploring opportunities for enterprise and self-employment as pathways to fulfilling lives / by Dinah Bennett and Yolanda K. Gibb.

Disadvantaged entrepreneurship and the entrepreneurial ecosystem / edited by David Grant Pickernell [and three others].

Border culture : theory, imagination, geopolitics / Victor Konrad and Anne-Laure Amilhat Szary.

Rethinking conflict resolution and management / I. William Zartman, Sinisa Vukovic.

Successful Black entrepreneurs : hidden histories, inspirational stories, and extraordinary business achievements : case studies by Harvard Business School / Steven S. Rogers, Harvard Business School, retired.

Business plans handbook. / Kristin Kahrs, editor ; Karin E. Koek, contributing editor.

Strategic communication and AI : public relations with intelligent user interfaces / Simon Moore and Roland Hübscher.

Achieving business competitiveness in a digital environment : opportunities in e-commerce and online marketing / Tereza Semerádová, Petr Weinlich, editors.

Dark sides of organizational life : hostility, rivalry, gossip, envy and other difficult behaviors / edited by H. Cenk Sözen and H. Nejat Basim.

Financial mathematics : from discrete to continuous time / Kevin J. Hastings.

Storytelling with you : plan, create, and deliver a stellar presentation / Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic.

The business of emotions in modern history / edited by Mandy Cooper and Andrew Popp.

Math for business and economics : compendium of essential formulas / Franz W. Peren.

HBR's 10 must reads on performance management / Marcus Buckingham [and three others].

Conversations on Ethics and Business : A Guide to Thinking about Workplace Ethics.

Banking on slavery : financing Southern expansion in the antebellum United States / Sharon Ann Murphy.

Crises and uncertainty in the economy / Hachmi Ben Ameur [and three others] editors.

Neglected social theorists of color : deconstructing the margins / Korey Tillman [and nine others].

The intolerant middle ages : a reader / edited by Eugene Smelyansky.

Queer : a graphic history / Meg-John Barker, Julia Scheele.

Men, Families, and Poverty [electronic resource] : Tracing the Intergenerational Trajectories of Place-Based Hardship / by Kahryn Hughes, Anna Tarrant.

Greening the urban habitat : a quantitative and empirical approach / David Kim Hin Ho.

Handbook of research on the significance of forensic accounting techniques in corporate governance / Suleman Sherali Kamwani, Elisabete S. Vieira, Mara Madaleno, and Graca Azevedo, editors.

Assessing culturally informed parenting in social work / Davis Kiima.

Conflict resolution in de facto states : the practice of engagement without recognition / Sebastian Relitz.

Critical theories in international relations : identity and security dilemma / Edited by Tayyar Ari.

The Ukrainian-Russian borderland : history versus geography / Volodymyr V. Kravchenko.

Handbook of research on cyber law, data protection, and privacy / Nisha Dhanraj Dewani, Zubair Ahmed Khan, Aarushi Agarwal, Mamta Sharma, and Shaharyar Asaf Khan, editors.

Financial Technology and the Law [electronic resource] : Combating Financial Crime / edited by Doron Goldbarsht, Louis de Koker.

Fragmenting markets : post-crisis bank regulations and financial market liquidity / Darrell Duffie.

Implementing augmented reality into immersive virtual learning environments / Donna Russell, editor.

Designing, deploying, and evaluating virtual and augmented reality in education / Gokce Akcayir and Carrie Demmans Epp, editors.

Restorative justice in the classroom : liberating students' voices through relational pedagogy / Crystena A. H. Parker-Shandal.

Survey of US Higher Education Faculty 2023, Interest in Producing or Using Open Access Educational Materials.

Implicit bias : an educator's guide to the language of microaggressions / Theresa M. Bouley, Anni K. Reinking.

Humanizing Education for Immigrant and Refugee Youth : 20 Strategies for the Classroom and Beyond.

Teaching emergent bilingual students with dis/abilities : humanizing pedagogies to engage learners and eliminate labels.

Transformative Learning [electronic resource] : Autoethnographies of Qualitative Research / edited by Frode Soelberg, Larry D. Browning, Jan-Oddvar Sørnes, Frank Lindberg.

Women opera composers : biographies from the 1500s to the 21st century / Mary F. McVicker.

A new history of American and Canadian folk music / Dick Weissman.

Creating Commercial Music : Advertising * Library Music * TV Themes * and More.

Culturally responsive choral music education : what teachers can learn from nine students' experiences in three choirs / Julia T. Shaw.

Commercial and popular music in higher education : expanding notions of musicianship and pedagogy in contemporary education / Jonathan R. Kladder.

Culturally sustaining pedagogies in music education : expanding culturally responsive teaching to sustain diverse musical cultures and identities / Emily Good-Perkins.

Colour Third Edition : A Workshop for Artists, Designers.

Graphic Design Thinking [electronic resource] : Beyond Brainstorming

Werner's Nomenclature of Colours

Saving the planet by design : reinventing our world through ecomimesis / Ken Yeang [electronic resource]

The design of race : how visual culture shapes America / Peter Claver Fine.

Journalism's racial reckoning : the news media's pivot to diversity and inclusion / Brad Clark.

Actions : the actors' thesaurus / Marina Caldarone and Maggie Lloyd-Williams.

The actor and the target / Declan Donnellan

The Routledge companion to journalism ethics / edited by Lada T. Price, Karen Sanders, and Wendy N. Wyatt.

Belligerent broadcasting : synthetic argument in broadcast talk / Michael HIggins and Angela Smith.

The fintech disruption : how financial innovation is transforming the banking industry / edited by Thomas Walker, Elaheh Nikbakht, and Maher Kooli.

Mysteries and conspiracies : detective stories, spy novels and the making of modern societies / Luc Boltanski ; translated by Catherine Porter.

James Joyce and the Irish revolution : the Easter Rising as modern event / Luke Gibbons.

Shakespeare's botanical Imagination edited by Susan C. Staub

Shakespeare's book : the story behind the first folio and the making of Shakespeare / Chris Laoutaris.

Magic in early modern England : literature, politics, and supernatural power / Andrew Moore.

Kazuo Ishiguro.

The East Indian : A Novel.

Planning Science Instruction for Emergent Bilinguals : Weaving in Rich and Relevant Language Support.

The story of proof : logic and the history of mathematics / John Stillwell.

Ancient Mathematics [electronic resource] : History of Mathematics in Ancient Greece and Hellenism / by Dietmar Herrmann.

The new era in American mathematics, 1920-1950 / Karen Hunger Parshall. [electronic resource]

Hacking digital ethics / David J. Krieger and Andréa Belliger.

Understanding climate change : a practical guide / Frank R. Spellman.

Polaritonic Chemistry [electronic resource] : Manipulating Molecular Structure Through Strong Light–Matter Coupling / by Javier Galego Pascual​.

The singularity of nature : a convergence of biology, chemistry and physics / John S. Torday and William B. Miller, Jr.

Aquatic animal nutrition : organic macro- and micro-nutrients / Christian E. W. Steinberg.

Insulin : the crooked timber : a history from thick brown muck to Wall Street gold / Kersten T. Hall.

Fats and Associated Compounds.

Virtual Management and the New Normal [electronic resource] : New Perspectives on HRM and Leadership since the COVID-19 Pandemic / edited by Svein Bergum, Pascale Peters, Tone Vold.

Corporate social responsibility in the health sector : CSR and COVID-19 in global health service institutions / Samuel O. Idowu, Mary T. Idowu and Abigail O. Idowu, editors.

Leading innovation and entrepreneurship in healthcare : a global perspective / Claudine Kearney.

Nutrition and human health : effects and environmental impacts / edited by Hicham Chatoui.

The brain on youth sports : the science, the myths, and the future / Julie M. Stamm.

Evidence-based nutrition and clinical evidence of bioactive foods in human health and disease / Asim K. Duttaroy.

Building envelopes [electronic resource] : an integrated approach / Jenny Lovell.

The Index of Middle English Prose : Manuscripts in New York City Libraries.

Grid systems [electronic resource] : principles of organizing type / Kimberly Elam.

Thinking with type : a critical guide for designers, writers, editors, & students / Ellen Lupton.

The Chicago guide to fact-checking / Brooke Borel.

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G - Geography, Anthropology, Recreation

A bigger picture : my fight to bring a new African voice to the climate crisis / Vanessa Nakate.

The evolution of everything : the patterns and causes of big history / Brian Villmoare, University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Misanthropology : science, pseudoscience, and the study of humanity / Sean M. Rafferty.

Decolonizing methodologies : research and indigenous peoples / Linda Tuhiwai Smith.

Nomads : the wanderers who shaped our world / Anthony Sattin ; with illustrations by Sylvie Franquet.

Edible people : the historical consumption of slaves and foreigners and the cannibalistic trade in human flesh / Christian Siefkes.

The digital folklore of cyberculture and digital humanities / [edited by] Stamatis Papadakis, and Alexandros Kapaniaris.

Be water, my friend : the teachings of Bruce Lee / Shannon Lee.

Research methods in the dance sciences / edited by Tom Welsh, Jatin P. Ambegaonkar, and Lynda Mainwaring.

Game-based pedagogy in physical education and sports : designing rich learning environments / Jeroen Koekoek, Ivo Dokman and Wytse Walinga.

H - Social Sciences

The social sciences in the looking glass : studies in the production of knowledge / edited by Didier Fassin & George Steinmetz.

The art and science of portraiture / Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot, Jessica Hoffmann Davis.

Desert frontier : ecological and economic change along the Western Sahel, 1600-1850 / James L.A. Webb, Jr.

The Social Dimensions of the circular economy / Lucila Maria de Souza Campos, Diego A. Vázquez-Brust, editors.

Conflict management and intercultural communication : the art of intercultural harmony / edited by Xiaodong Dai, Guo-Ming Chen.

The problem with work : feminism, Marxism, antiwork politics, and postwork imaginaries / Kathi Weeks.

The psychology of belonging / Kelly-Ann Allen.

Imagined globalization / Néstor García Canclini ; translated and with an introduction by George Yúdice.

Inequality & violence in the United States : casualties of capitalism / Barbara H. Chasin.

Gyn/ecology : the metaethics of radical feminism / Mary Daly ; with a new intergalactic introduction by the author.

COVID-19, the LGBTQIA+ community, and public policy / edited by Wallace Swan.

On the inconvenience of other people / Lauren Berlant.

Hijab butch blues : a memoir / Lamya H.

The encyclopedia of rural crime / edited by Alistair Harness, Jessica Rene Peterson, Matt Bowden, Cassie Pedersen, Joseph F. Donnermeyer.

Creative Interventions toolkit : a practical guide to stop interpersonal violence.

Domestic violence against men and boys : experiences of male victims of intimate partner violence / edited by Elizabeth A. Bates and Julie C. Taylor.

Gun violence and gun control : critical engagements / edited by Annette Bailey, Thomas S. Harrison, and Rebecca Jaremko Bromwich.

In their names : the untold story of victims' rights, mass incarceration, and the future of public safety / Lenore Anderson.

Contemporary criminal justice careers : a comprehensive guide / Matthew J. Sheridan, Thomas J. Lalka.

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N - Fine Arts

The story of art without men / Katy Hessel.

Image on the edge : the margins of medieval art / Michael Camille.

Video/art : the first fifty years / Barbara London.

Black art : a cultural history / Richard J. Powell.

Fabrice Samyn : I am? / with contributions by Vinciane Despret, Wivine de Traux, Pascal Rousseau ; translation, Emiliano Battista.

New approaches to medieval architecture / edited by Robert Bork, William W. Clark [and] Abby McGehee

The Cambridge guide to the architecture of Christianity / General editor, Richard A. Etlin, University of Maryland, College Park.

Paris and her cathedrals / R. Howard Bloch.

Castle builders : approaches to castle design and construction in the Middle Ages / Malcolm Hislop.

Hrvatski Apoksiomen = The Croatian Apoxyomenos / uredništvo, Miljenko Domijan, Iskra Karniš.

Imperial colors : the Roman portrait busts of Septimius Severus and Julia Domna, Sidney and Lois Eskenazi Museum of Art, Indiana University / Julie Van Voorhis, Mark Abbe with Juliet Graver Istrabadi ; foreword by David Brenneman, Wilma E. Kelley Director, Sidney and Lois Eskenazi Museum of Art, Indiana University.

Apoxyòmenos : the athlete of Croatia / edited by Maurizio Michelucci.

Medieval monsters / Damien Kempf & Maria L. Gilbert.

The Bayeux Tapestry : new approaches : proceedings of a conference at the British Museum / edited by Dan Terkla, Gale R. Owen-Crocker, Michael J. Lewis.

The art of cloth in Mughal India / Sylvia Houghteling.

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P - Language and Literature

Race, gender, class and media : studying mass communication and multiculturalism / Sharon Bramlett-Solomon, Meta G. Carstarphen.

The Upright Citizens Brigade comedy improvisation manual / written by: Matt Besser, Ian Roberts, Matt Walsh; edited by Joe Wengert; illustrations by David Kantrowitz.

More than illustrated music : aesthetics of hybrid media between pop, art and video / edited by Kathrin Dreckmann and Elfi Vomberg.

Interpreting music video : popular music in the post-MTV era / Brad Osborn.

The myth of post-racialism in television news / Libby Lewis.

The phantom scientist / Robin Cousin ; translated by Edward Gauvin.

Canisy ; suivi de Chef-lieu / Jean Follain.

Œuvres / Max Jacob ; édition établie, présentée et annotée par Antonio Rodriguez ; préface de Guy Goffette.

Henri Michaux, le corps écrit / Llewellyn Brown.

Bad blood : staging race between early modern England and Spain / Emily Weissbourd.

Sympathy in early modern literature and culture / Richard Meek.

Late Romanticism and the end of politics : Byron, Mary Shelley and the last men / John Havard, Binghamton University.

Key concepts in Victorian studies / William Hughes.

Salman Rushdie in context / edited by Florian Stadtler, University of Bristol.

Death and the body in the eighteenth-century novel / Jolene Zigarovich.

Posthumanity in the Anthropocene : Margaret Atwood's dystopias / Esther Muñoz-González.

Fugitive poses : Native American Indian scenes of absence and presence / Gerald Vizenor.

In the shadow of invisibility : Ralph Ellison and the promise of American democracy / Sterling Lecater Bland Jr.

Imago : poems / by Brian Swann.

The philosophical pathos of Susan Taubes : between nihilism and hope / Elliot R. Wolfson.

The king is dead : stories / Walter Tevis ; introduction by Kevin Brockmeier.

Landlock X : poems / Sarah Audsley.

When in Rome : a novel / Liam Callanan.

Below zero : poems / by Carol V. Davis.

Testament : poems / Luke Hankins.

Proximity / Sam Heaps.

Beasts of a little land : a novel / Juhea Kim.

L'affaire Margot / Sanaë Lemoine ; traduit de l'américain par Manu Causse.

Fight or flight / Andrew McFadyen-Ketchum.

The dog of the north / Elizabeth McKenzie.

Scrape the velvet from your antlers : poems / Kelly McQuain.

While it lasts : stories / Scott Nadelson.

Take what you need / Idra Novey.

To be named something else / Shaina Phenix.

Rooftops of Tehran / Mahbod Seraji.

Ghosts over the boiler : voices from Alabama's death row / Project Hope to Abolish the Death Penalty ; edited by Katie Owens-Murphy.

U - Military Science

Z - Bibliography, Library Science

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