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Dacus Library Faculty Manual: Faculty Reviews

Library Faculty Reviews

Instructions and Timelines for Procedures for Pre-Tenure, Tenure, Promotion, and Post-Tenure

Reviews of Winthrop University Library Faculty

Every Library Faculty member should have a copy of these instructions and timelines, together with copies of the two documents, Criteria for Tenure as Applied to Winthrop University Library Faculty and Criteria for Promotion as Applied to Winthrop University Library Faculty. Persons being interviewed for Library Faculty positions will be made aware of these documents and the requirements stated in them.

When a new Library Faculty member is hired, it is the responsibility of that person’s supervisor to provide him/her with copies of all documents pertaining to tenure and promotion. These documents should be included in all copies of the Dacus Library Faculty Manual, and should also be maintained in the Office of the Dean of Dacus Library and Pettus Archives.

These instructions should be read in the context of the relevant sections of the Winthrop University Faculty Manual. The Dacus Library Faculty will adhere to the timelines for these review processes as given in the Winthrop University Faculty Manual and as distributed annually by the Office of the Provost & Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs.

Faculty members who are hired in tenure-track positions must go through a Pre-Tenure Review at the appropriate point in their service, as specified in the Winthrop University Faculty Manual.

  • This review will be conducted by a Pre-Tenure Review Committee, as specified in the Dacus Library Faculty Assembly Bylaws.
  • The pre-tenure review process does not guarantee that the Library Faculty member will be awarded tenure at the time of application for it. Rather, it is strictly a review process completed by colleagues in the Library to ensure that the Library Faculty member is on track in his/her preparation for the tenure review. Results of the Pre-Tenure Review need not be included in the faculty member’s tenure portfolio unless the faculty member chooses to include them.

When a deadline date occurs on a weekend or a holiday, the action listed for that deadline date should be performed by the next regular business day.

Winthrop Faculty - Policies & Procedures

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