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Winthrop University

Citation Styles: Citation tools

This guide provides examples to help you document your sources of information.

Citation Tools can be useful when keeping track of sources for large research topics! Here are two tools -- Mendeley and My Bib (Google) -- and instructions on how to get started with them. If you have questions, feel free to reach out to a librarian for help through email, chat, or phone.

How to use Mendeley

Mendeley is a software that you can download onto your computer and save all of your citations to. It allows you to import things from our databases and the internet at large. It also allows you to import citations directly into word by downloading Mendeley's plugin.

Here is how to use Mendeley:

1. Download the app from

2. Start importing documents from our database, or download the mendeley plugin that will pull citations from websites that you want to cite.

3.  From our databases you want to go to the export button (shown below) and hit download RIS file. This is what you will upload to mendeley.

4. After that, go to Mendeley and add it to your library by clicking add -> import RIS file

4. Download the plugin from the Mendeley website to pull citations from the internet. This is what it looks like on your browser.


How to use Google's My Bib tool

Since your email already goes through Google, the library thought it would be smart for you to use a tool that also goes through Google.

Enter My Bib. This citation tool allows you to quickly and easily compile, save, and export your citations anytime you are signed into your google account.

You can add the My Bib app to your google suite by going to This Link 

After you download the app, you will see this page:

From here you can import citations from databases, change the citation style you want your citations to be in, and even download a complete list of your references.

When importing articles, you want to make sure they are in .RIS format. you can find that file in all of our databases under the export option.

Once you import the citation, you can download it as a word document to get the proper formating (such as hanging indent and capitalization).

My bib helps you quickly document the websites that you visit with the My Bib extension.To find it, just click on the add on tab in your My bib app.

After this you will see this icon  on your search bar. Click on it to get a citation for the website you are on!