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World Languages and Cultures: Books

A guide for finding library resources for language classes.

Call Numbers

P 1 - P 85 (Philology and linguistic history)

P 100 - P 410 (Language, linguistic theory, origin of language, language acquisition)

P 501 - P 786 (Indo-European philology)

PA (entire section) - (Classical languages: Greek and Latin, language and literature)

PB (entire section) - (Modern languages in general)

PC (entire section) - (Romance languages: Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese)

PE 1128 (English as a foreign language - teaching and study)

PF (entire section) - (Germanic languages: German, Dutch, Flemish

PG (entire section) - (Slavic languages: Russian, Macedonian, etc)

PL (entire section) - (Asian languages and literature: Japanese, Chinese, Asiatic languages)

PQ 1 - PQ 3999 (French literature, including francophone literature from around the world)

PQ 6001 – PQ 8929 (Spanish literature, including global Spanish language literature from outside Spain)


A History of the French Language, by Peter Rickard

The acquisition of French as a second language: new developmental perspectives, edited by Christina Lindqvist and Camilla Bardel

The Spanish language today, by Miranda Stewart

Spanish as an International language: Implications for teachers and learners, by Deborah Arteaga and Lucia I. Llorente