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Library Account Setup and Access Instructions: Introduction

This guide steps you through creating a library account password or resetting it, accessing your library account and managing it, and logging into electronic resources remotely.

Important information about your library account:

Winthrop University faculty, staff and students have a library account with a pre-set username, but it is up to each individual to create a password for his or her account. A password is needed if you intend on accessing any electronic resources from off-campus (such as databases or e-books) or if you wish to view or manage your library account information (checkouts, holds and charges). Therefore, it is highly recommended that you set up a password for your account. Your library account username will always be the first part of your Winthrop email address (ex: smithj if your email is


Click on the other tabs in this guide to help step you through:

  • Creating/resetting a library account password
  • Viewing and managing your library account
  • Remote (off-campus) log-in
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