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Testing and Assessment: Databases



  • Containing over one million records, ERIC indexes over 2000 journal titles covering the entire field of education, including testing and assessment
  • Includes indexing for both non-journal material (known as ERIC Documents or ED’s) and journal articles (EJ’s)
  •         ED’s:  from 1966 to 2004, available on microfiche in the library; from 1993 to present, available full text online.
  •         EJ’s: some full text of articles are available on ERIC; for the others there are links for checking Dacus Library holdings.
  • Can limit to record type, including research reports.  In one of the boxes identified as “Publication Type”, select “Reports - Research” from the drop-down list.
  • Can limit to peer reviewed publications.  (NOTE: Limiting a search to peer reviewed publications eliminates all ERIC Documents.)
  • Can limit search by date, language and educational level or by other criteria
  • Search results listed by relevance; can change to a date order listing
  • Use an * (asterisk) to truncate a search term
  • Can email, print, or download search results

Psychology and Behavioral Sciences Collection

  • Topics covered include emotional and behavioral characteristics, psychiatry & psychology, mental processes, and observational and experimental methods
  • Provides full-text of over 500 peer-reviewed journals
  • Most of the journals covered are also covered in PscyInfo
  • Can limit to peer-reviewed journals only
  • Use an * to truncate a search term or to search both the plural and singular forms
  • Can email, print, or download search results
  • Click on the “Help" for search hints and additional information


  • Covers all fields of psychology and the psychological aspects of related disciplines, such as education
  • Covers over 1,300 journals, books, dissertations, and other resources
  • Coverage is back to 1897
  • Can limit search to English language publications and publication types
  • Use an * to truncate a search term
  • Can email, print, or download search results
  • Click on “Help” for additional information and search hints


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