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Marketing: Finding Videos

find more streaming videos

streaming videos - a few for starters

The Films on Demand database has three tabs: (1) segments within the film, (2) full title info and date, (3) related films which pertain to the film you’re currently viewing.

A few online films:

More ways to search for streaming videos: In addition to browsing by the pre-defined Marketing subcategories within Business & Economics (under “subjects”), you can search by words pertaining to the concept you need. Plus, you can search by film segment or title.

Some example results searching for film segments:

  • Marketing (over 300 – this is very broad; a focused research yields more useful results -- see more focused examples below)
  • Advertising (over 300 – this is very broad in the same all-encompassing way as the “marketing” segment search)

In "Business & Economics" --> "Marketing subsection" --> more focused search terms: