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Marketing: Finding Books

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Call Numbers Related to Marketing

In addition to finding a specific book on the shelf, call numbers can help you browse by subject. Use these call number ranges if you'd like to browse our collection for marketing materials.

  • HD 30.37 (Business applications of website design as marketing tool)
  • HD 30.4 (business research, including market research
  • HD 59 (Public relations, corporate image)
  • HF 5410 - HF 5541 (Marketing, sales)
  • HF 5548.32 (E-commerce. Although this area is a mix of business and technical aspects, it addresses customers’ online behavior, interactivity and usability of various web-based technologies)
  • HF 5717 - HF 5746 (Business communication)
  • HF 5801 - HF 6182 (Advertising)
  • KF 1614 (Advertising laws)
  • TS 195 - TS 199 (Packaging)