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Vocal Pedagogy: Books

Resources relevant to the teaching of voice.

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DeVenney, David P.  The New Broadway Song Companion: an Annotated Guide to Musical Theatre Literature by Voice Type and Song Style.  Revised edition.  (Ref. ML 128 .M78 .D48 2009) (Also available as an eBook)

Doscher, Barbara M.  From Studio to Stage: Repertoire for the Voice.  (Ref. ML 128 .V7 .D67 2002)

Handbooks to Research

Bayne, Pauline Shaw.  A Guide to Library Research in Music.  (Ref. ML 3797 .B29 2008)

Gottlieb, Jane.  Music Library and Research Skills.  2nd edition.  (Ref. ML 3797 .G68 2017)

Herbert, Trevor.  Music in Words: a Guide to Researching and Writing About Music.  2009.  (Available as an eBook)

Sampsel, Laurie J.  Music Research: a Handbook.  2nd edition.  (Ref. ML 113 .S28 2013)


Marek, Dan.  Singing: the First Art.  (ML 1460 .M34 2007)

Potter, John, editor.  The Cambridge Companion to Singing.  (ML 1460 .C28 2000)

Potter, John and Neil Sorrell.  A History of Singing.  (ML 1460 .P68 2012)  (Also available as an eBook)

Ravens, Simon.  The Supernatural Voice: a History of High Male Singing.  2014.  (Available as an eBook)

Stark, James A.  Bel Canto: a History of Vocal Pedagogy.  (ML 1460 .S72 1999) (Copy also in Music Library) (Also available as an eBook)

Talia, Joseph.  A History of Vocal Pedagogy: Intuition and Science.  (ML 1460 .T35 2017) (Available also as an eBook)



Alba, Lois.  Vocal Rescue: Rediscover the Beauty, Power, and Freedom in Your Singing.  (MT 820 .A42 2005) (Includes 1 CD and 1 DVD)

Bassini, Carlo.  Bassini's Art of Singing: an Analytical, Physiological and Practical System for the Cultivation of the Voice.  (Reprint of 1857 edition.)  (Oversize MT 825 .B32 2007)

Bauer, Karen Tillotson.  The Essentials of Beautiful Singing: a Three-Step Kinesthetic Approach.  (MT 820 .B2846 2013) (Also available as an eBook)

Bicknell, Jeanette.  A Philosophy of Song and Singing: an Introduction.  2015.  (Available as an eBook)

Boytim, Joan Frey.  The Private Voice Studio Handbook: a Practical Guide to All Aspects of Teaching.  (MT 820 .B79 2003)

Caldwell, Robert and Joan Wall.  Excellence in Singing: Multilevel Learning and Multilevel Teaching.  6 volumes.  (MT 820 .C35 2001)

Campbell, Mark Robin.  Constructing a Personal Orientation to Music Teaching.  (MT 3. U5 .C25 2010)

Chapman, Janice L.  Singing and Teaching Singing: a Holistic Approach to Classical Voice.  3rd edition.  (MT 820 .C49 2017) (Also available as an eBook)

Davids, Julia and Stephen A. LaTour.  Vocal Technique: a Guide for Conductors, Teachers, and Singers.  (Music Library MT 820 .D247 2012)

Demorest, Steven M.  Building Choral Excellence: Teaching Sight-Singing in the Choral Rehearsal.  (MT 875 .D46 2001) (Also available as an eBook)

Emmons, Shirlee.  Prescriptions for Choral Excellence: Tone, Text, Dynamic Leadership.  (MT 875 .E46 2006) (Also available as an eBook)

Gilman, Marina.  Body and Voice: Somatic Re-education.  2014.  (Available as an eBook)

Lamble, Walter.  A Handbook for Beginning Choral Educators.  (MT 875 .L35 2004) (Also available as an eBook)

Lebon, Rachel L.  The Professional Vocalist: a Handbook for Commercial Singers and Teachers.  (MT 855 .L43 1999)

Lebon, Rachel L.  The Versatile Vocalist: Singing Authentically in Contrasting Styles and Idioms.  (MT 820 .L43 2006)

LeBorgne, Wendy DeLeo.  The Vocal Athlete.  2014.  (Available as an eBook)

Leigh-Post, Karen.  Mind-Body Awareness for Singers: Unleashing Optimal Performance.  2014.  (Available as an eBook)

Mabry, Sharon.  Exploring Twentieth-Century Vocal Music: a Practical Guide to Innovations in Performance and Repertoire.  2002.  (Available as an eBook)

Malde, Melissa, MaryJean Allen, and Kurt Alexander Zeller.  What Every Singer Needs to Know About the Body.  3rd edition.  2017.  (Available as an eBook)

Miller, Richard.  National Schools of Singing: English, French, German, and Italian Techniques of Singing Revisited.  Revised edition.  (MT 823 .M55 1997)

Miller, Richard.  Solutions for Singers: Tools for Performers and Teachers.  (MT 820 .M5993 2004) (On Reserve)

Nair, Garyth.  The Craft of Singing.  (MT 820 .N2917 2006) (Book on Reserve; CD in General Collection) (Also available as an eBook)

Rao, Doreen and Bill Perison.  Circle of Sound Voice Education: a Contemplative Approach to Singing Through Meditation, Movement and Vocalization.  (Oversize MT 825 .R36 2005)

Sell, Karen.  The Disciplines of Vocal Pedagogy: Towards an Holistic Approach.  (MT 820 .S466 2005)

Smith, Brenda.  Choral Pedagogy.  2nd edition.  (MT 875 .S63 2006)

Smith, Brenda.  Choral Pedagogy.  3rd edition.  2013.  (Available as an eBook)

Smith, W. Stephen and Michael Chipman.  The Naked Voice: a Wholistic Approach to Singing.  (MT 820 .S697 2007) (Also available as an eBook)

Talia, Joseph.  Vocal Science for Elite Singers: a Tribute to the Unrelenting Pursuit of Excellence in the Art of Singing.  (MT 821 .T276 2017)

Thurman, Leon and Graham Welch, editors.  Bodymind & Voice: Foundations of Voice Education.  Revised edition.  3 volumes.  (MT 820 .B63 2000)

Ware, Clifton.  Basics of Vocal Pedagogy: the Foundations and Process of Singing.  (MT 820 .W26 1998) (On Reserve)

Performance Practice and Voice Care

Baldy, Colin.  The Student Voice: an Introduction to Developing the Singing Voice.  (Available as an eBook)

Benninger, Michael S.  The Performer's Voice.  2016.  (Available as an eBook)

Bickel, Jan E.  Vocal Technique: a Physiologic Approach for Voice Class and Studio.  (MT 821 .B53 2008)

Cook, Orlanda.  Singing With Your Own Voice: a Practical Guide to Awakening and Developing the Hidden Qualities in Your Own Singing Voice.  (MT 821 .C66 2004)

Davies, D. Garfield, Anthony F. Jahn, and Anat Keidar.  Care of the Professional Voice: a Guide to Voice Management for Singers, Actors, and Professional Voice Users.  2nd edition.  2015.  (Available as an eBook)

DeVore, Kate and Starr Cookman.  The Voice Book: Caring for, Protecting, and Improving Your Voice.  1st edition.  2009.  (Available as an eBook)

Elliott, Martha.  Singing in Style: a Guide to Vocal Performance Practices.  (MT 892 .E45 2006)

Gates, Rachael, L. Arick Forrest, and Kerrie Obert.  The Owner's Manual to the Voice: a Guide for Singers and Other Professional Voice Users.  (MT 821 .G38 2013) (Also available as an eBook)

Graham, James Neilson.  The Creative Choir: a Wholistic Approach to Working with Singers.  (MT 875 .G82 2015)

Heirach, Jane Ruby.  Voice and the Alexander Technique: Active Explorations for Speaking and Singing.  (Oversize MT 855 .H45 2005) (Includes a CD)

Jahn, Anthony F.  The Singer's Guide to Complete Health.  2013.  (Available as an eBook)

McCoy, Scott Jeffrey.  Your Voice, an Inside View: Multimedia Voice Science and Pedagogy.  (MT 821 .M33 .Y68 2004) (Includes a CD) (On Reserve)

McKinney, James C.  The Diagnosis & Correction of Vocal Faults: a Manual for Teachers of Singing and for Choir Directors.  Reissue of 1994 edition.  (Music Library MT 820 .M44 .D53 2005) (Includes a CD)

Monahan, Brent Jeffrey.  The Singer's Companion: a Guide to Improving Your Voice and Performance.  (MT 820 .M752 2006) (Includes a CD)

Olson, Margaret.  The Solo Singer in the Choral Setting: a Handbook for Achieving Vocal Health.  (Music Library Ref. MT 875 .O47 .S65 2010) (Also available as an eBook)

Ortiz Brugués, Ariadna.  Music Performance Anxiety: a Comprehensive Update of the Literature.  (ML 3830 .O78 2019)

Radionoff, Sharon L. and George Odam.  The Vocal Instrument.  (MT 821 .R26 2008)

Rosset i Llobet, Jaume.  The Musician's Body: a Maintenance Manual for Peak Performance.  (ML 3820 .R67 2007)

Sataloff, Robert Thayer, editor.  Vocal Health and Pedagogy.  3rd edition.  2017.  (Available as an eBook)

Sataloff, Robert Thayer, editor.  Vocal Health and Pedagogy.  2nd edition.  2 vols.  (RF 510 .S283 2006) (Also available as an eBook)

Scearce, Leda.  Manual of Singing Voice Rehabilitation: a Practical Approach to Vocal Health and Wellness.  2016.  (Available as an eBook)

Verdolini Abbott, Katherine, Clark A. Rosen, and Ryan C. Branski, editors.  Classification Manual for Voice Disorders -I.  (Ref. RF 510 .C56 2006)

Wingate, Judith M.  Healthy Singing.  (MT 821 .W48 2008)