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Economics: Citation for Economics

Citation for Economics

Two commonly used style manuals for economics at Winthrop are the Chicago Manual of Style and the APA Style Guide. This guide provides resources for those two style manuals. Before you begin your paper, be sure to ask your instructor which style manual they want you to use, and follow that style.

Chicago Manual of Style

In the social sciences, the author-date system from the Chicago Manual of Style is often used. In the author-date system, in-text citations are indicated through the use of parentheses, and include the author's last name and date of publication. Some publications and professors prefer the notes-bibliography system - check with your professor or publication before selecting a style.

Turabian's A Manual for Writers of Research Papers is compatible with the Chicago Manual of Style, and is geared more toward research papers instead of publication. 

APA Style

The APA Style Guide is often used in business and the social sciences. Like the author-date system in Chicago, APA style uses parentheses for in-text citations. 

In the library

The Library keeps copies of all major style guides at the reference desk for in-library use. 

Citation Software

Citation software, at its most basic, will help you to create a list of references or bibliography. Some citation software also have ways to help you keep track of your research. A few free sources include:

All citations and reference lists generated by citation software should be checked for accuracy. The data that the software pulls from your articles may be incomplete, contain inaccuracies, or include non-standard formatting.