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Company Information: Industry Information

Guide to finding information about companies, their history, strategic direction, reputation, financial soundness, industry profiles & ratios, product information, statistical & demographic information, and a project guide for BADM 180.

industry profiles

  • Business Source Complete - Industry surveys. Go to Business Source Complete database and search for "industrial surveys" as a subject search (choose "subject" as your search field from the pulldown menu) in the first line and "industry" as a title search in the second line as shown below:
  • Forbes - the first issue of each year has a themed analysis of particular industries or businesses, grouped around a particular characteristic. For example, the top 20 business by region (Americas, Asia, Europe, etc). Occasionally (e.g. in 2012), these in-depth business reports grouped on a theme not in the first January issue of the year, but in a specially marked "special issue" published later in the year. Simply follow the Forbes link into the online version, and browse each year's first January issue for the theme-grouped in-depth business articles.
  • Mergent's Industry Review. (Ref. HG 4961 .M68 - Latest edition kept at the Reference Desk) -- Contains financial information, operating data, and ratios on over 6,000 companies arranged by industry group. Provides comparative statistics and rankings within each industry.
  • Standard and Poor's Industry Surveys. (Ref. HC 106.6 .S74 - Latest edition kept at the Reference Desk) --Provides more information than the source above on general industries. There is an index to companies and to industries in the front of each volume. Updated quarterly.
  • Encyclopedia of American Industries (included in Business Insights: Essentials library database) -- Covers nearly 1,000 manufacturing and service industries.
  • Value Line Investment Survey. (Dacus Library Online database) - In addition to providing investment information on major companies, this source surveys general industries.
  • Business Source Premier - industry survey