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Citation Styles: Citation tools

This guide provides examples to help you document your sources of information.

Using Mendeley

Mendeley is a software that you can download onto your computer and save all of your citations to. It allows you to import things from our databases and the internet at large. It also allows you to import citations directly into word by downloading Mendeley's plugin.


Here is how to use Mendeley:


1. Download the app from

2. Start importing documents from our database, or download the mendeley plugin that will pull citations from websites that you want to cite.

3.  From our databases you want to go to the export button (shown below) and hit download RIS file. This is what you will upload to mendeley.

4. After that, go to Mendeley and add it to your library by clicking add -> import RIS file


4. Download the plugin from the Mendeley website to pull citations from the internet. This is what it looks like on your browser.