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Mathematics: MATH 400

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Topic Ideas

Math history search topics:

For tips on finding library resources, see "Search Strategies" to help you with your searching for mathematical topics and historical research.

Topic Ideas for Math Applications


  • economic forecasting
  • personal & business finance
  • biomathematics
  • product & project costing
  • business valuation
  • complexity theory
  • forecasting of climate and astronomy events (e.g. US Naval Observatory's interactive calculators for sunrise/set, twilight, moon, eclipses etc)

Physical Sciences

  • architecture & building
  • engineering
  • medieval cathedral measurements/proportions for weight distribution
  • Maya & Aztec monumental architecture

Spaces, Movement

  • interior & outdoor spatial configurations
  • mapping
  • Transportation (e.g. route design)


  • origami math
  • Fold-It - crowd-sourcing game / puzzle for protein-folding research

Rankings & Descriptive Data

Computation, Patterns, Textiles

  • Jacquard’s loom
  • fractals
  • paisley patterns
  • Babbage’s computer
  • Turing and math behind artificial intelligence
  • software algorithms


  • biostatistics
  • Florence Nightingale’s pioneering of health statistics
  • meta-analyses