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Marketing: Databases

databases - the best for starters

Advertisting & Marketing:

Each user must register to use GfK MRI SMARTSystem.

1. Click the database title (GfK MRI) or use the following URL:
2. Click “Register”
3. The “Registration Code” required is: X5LBJKTM
4. Enter full name and Winthrop email address.
5. Type the authentication code (security check) in the appropriate box.
6. The following email will be sent to your Winthrop email address:
Your GfK MRI SMARTSystem account has been set for validation.
Follow the link below to complete the validation process:
(the link varies)
NOTE: The validation process must be completed within 3 days


More general articles:

  • Also: Academic Search Complete (psychological aspects of management, some scholarship on workplace-related litigation, ethics, and other aspects not strictly covered in the business-focused databases)

find more databases

How to find more Databases:

From library’s home page, click Databases, then choose from the alphabetic list or click on Databases by Subject.