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Information Literacy Instruction at Dacus Library

Policies and Definitions

Information Literacy Instruction at Dacus

Do you want your students to have a better grasp on finding and evaluating sources, both scholarly and otherwise? Schedule an instruction session with our librarians so that we can help! 

Tutorials and Learning Objects

We have made tutorial videos on various topics such as:

If you would like a learning object made specifically for your class or a particular assignment, contact us and we can work together to create something new.

Customized Instruction

Our Librarians are prepared to teach on a variety of subject matters. If a topic you would like us to cover is not on this list, feel free to contact Cody Walters to talk about your idea.

  • Search Strategies
  • Citation Tools
  • Learning to evaluate resources online
  • Google Scholar
  • Open Educational Resources (OER)
  • My Bib or Mendeley Citation managers
  • Researching & Writing in specific fields
  • Writing & Conducting an Effective Literature Review

Research and Course Guides

We have a variety of Research guides dedicated to  programs, specific classes, and specific subject matters. If you would like a librarian to create a research guide for your specific class, fill out this form, or contact Your Library Liaison.

Open Textbook Library

The Open Textbook Library (OTL) collection can be easily found by searching the library's online catalog, OneSearch. Currently, there are almost 800 titles available in this collection, and the entire collection can be found by doing a keyword search of “Open Textbook Library”. Check out this short video tutorial that shows you how to do this!