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Dacus Library Policies and Procedures

Welcome to Dacus Library

Welcome to Dacus Library! Please review our Policies and Procedures to enhance your visit.

Dacus Library Reservable Spaces Procedures


Winthrop University students may reserve study rooms for group or individual study via the Reserve Study Room link on the library homepage. A valid Winthrop University email address is required to reserve spaces.

Winthrop University students seeking use of or occupying study spaces should follow the following procedures:

 Students are welcome to reserve a group study room or individual study room in advance or use the QR Code posted on or beside the room door to make a reservation.

 Receipt of Confirmation message must be acknowledged to complete the reservation.

 Groups of three to six people may use a group study room.

 One person may use an individual study room.

 Reservations may be made up to 2 weeks in advance of the requested reservation time.

 Study rooms may be reserved in 30 minute increments up to a maximum of 2 hours at a time.

 Reservations will be held for 15 minutes before being released to the next user.

 Renewals are accepted if there is not another reservation during the requested time.

 Rooms are not to be used for clubs, recreation, or social meetings.

 Covered drinks and snack items are permitted in the study rooms. Food and drinks must be distanced from computers, connectors, outlets, or supporting technology devices.

 Unattended items found in rooms past the booking period will be sent to Lost & Found at the Campus Police Department.

 If your reserved space is occupied, inform the occupant that you have a reservation. Library employees will be happy to assist you, or you may log into chat on the library homepage during posted Research Help hours to request assistance.

 Currently employed Winthrop University faculty and staff may arrange for use of individual or group study rooms by contacting the Head of Access Services – please note that use is subject to the same reservation and usage parameters.

 All conduct policies, including the Library User Code of Conduct, Winthrop University Student Conduct Code, and the Winthrop University Policy on the Appropriate Use of Information Technology Resources are enforced in all study rooms. Failure to abide by these policies may result in disciplinary action.

 Individual carrels are quiet study areas.

 Group study room conversations should be kept to a non-disruptive level.

 Doors to all study rooms should be closed upon exit.

For Group Study Room Amenities go to:

Dacus Library Reservable Spaces Procedures with Group Study Room Amenities

Dacus Library Meditation Room Guidelines


Users of the Meditation Room (Room 17 on the Lower Level) are subject to the following Dacus Library Policies: 

In addition to the policies above, please note that the Meditation Room is offered primarily as a quiet space for meditation and other personal contemplative activities. This room should not be used for: 

  • Individual study 

  • Group study  

  • Exercise or other physical activities (e.g., calisthenics, yoga) 

  • Business, assessment, or consultation meetings 

  • Organization, club, or other group meetings 

  • Conversations or social gatherings 

  • Eating or drinking 

  • Sleeping 

  • Personal computing, gaming or other computer or handheld device activities 

  • Long-term reading or writing activity 

If you need a space for individual academic activities, please use one of Dacus Library’s Individual Study Rooms (Upper Level). Winthrop University students may also reserve a Group Study Room (Main Floor). Please also note that the Lower Level is offered as a Quiet Floor. 


The Meditation Room is open to Dacus Library visitors from opening until thirty (30) minutes before closing. 

The Meditation Room is available on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Upon arrival, please mark the appropriate block on the sign-in sheet so other visitors will know the room is occupied. Upon departure, please enter the time you leave the room. 

Please do not remain in the Meditation Room for more than 30 minutes. 


No more than two (2) people may be in the room at one time. 

Please do not eat or drink in the Meditation Room. 

If you use any items in the space, please return them to their original locations when you are done and be sure to take your personal items with you. Items left behind will be taken to the Access Services Office (Main Floor).