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Family and Consumer Sciences: Search Strategies

The most general way to start searching the library catalog is through keywords or terms, such as "Family and Consumer Science." Your results will be a mix of books, films, and other materials from the library catalog that broadly relate to "Family and Consumer Science." You can do a keyword search by typing your search terms directly into the search bar on the library's homepage. 

For more specific searches, you will need to go to Advanced Search and do a subject search -- subject searches bring up results that are specifically about your topic, rather than just including the words you used as terms.

To narrow your search further, use multiple search terms, either as keywords or subject searches, such as "Family and Consumer Science" AND "Home Economics."

Tip: search terms and strategies like these are also useful for finding articles and other online resources in the library’s databases.

Here are some Quick Links for places to search the library's resources (this is not a definitive list, just a place to start!).

Library Homepage

Advanced Search

A-Z Database List

ProQuest Ebook Central

Films on Demand

If you're not sure how to start searching for your topic, here's an example of how to unpack a research idea in order to see if from different angles and resources.

Unpacking your topic: Animal therapy for special needs children