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Winthrop University

Digital Information Design: DIFD 415

DIFD 415 - search terms related to law and ethics for ditigal media

A few example search terms:

  • Copyright (as subject search)  -- Copyright as keyword search
  • Copyright infringement
  • Digital communication
  • Digital media
  • Ethics and media
  • Fair Use
  • Intellectual property
  • Libel
  • Media ethics
  • Media law
  • Parody
  • Privacy
  • Theft - cybercrime - cybertheft - identify theft

 Some example concepts:

  • cybersecurity - digital piracy
  • social considerations of technical capacity:
    • just because you “can” broadcast something to the world, should you?
    • netiquette
    • appropriate use policies
    • information dissemination, social mobilization / e.g. Twitter for demonstrations & documentation of crackdowns in totalitarian countries