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Architecture: Search Strategies

Where to Find What:

Not sure how to find hardcopy books and videos, ebooks, streaming online videos, scholarly articles, databases, and more? Here's your brief guide:

Search Strategies

Keep these tips in mind as you start your research - 

Call numbers

In the Library of Congress classification system, architecture is classed with the Fine Arts, in NA.  For example:

NA1995 covers architecture as a profession.

NA9000s is where you will find city planning.

More information on the LC Classification system can be found at the Library of Congress website.


Try using an asterix - architect* - to pick up architecture, architectural, architects.  Then add another keyword specific to your interest:

architect* history

architect* education

architect* church


Subjects are controlled headings, and are more specific than keywords.  Specify a subject search by putting “su:” in front of your terms.

su: architecture italy

su: architecture modern

su: construction

su: historic preservation