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Plagiarism: Print Resources

Print Resources


For a list of books available in Dacus Library on the topic of plagiarism, see the following subject headings:

Cheating (Education)




The following are a few articles that may be useful.  For additional articles, search the library's online databases like Academic Search Complete or ERIC.

Craig, Paul A.; Federici, Elizabeth; and Buehler, Marianne A.  "Instructing Students in Academic Integrity."  Journal of College Science Teaching 40.2 (2010): 50-55.

Hall, Susan E.  "Is It Happening? How to Avoid the Deleterious Effects of Plagiarism and Cheating in Your Courses."  Business Communication Quarterly 74.2 (2011): 179-182.

Jones, Dorothy L. R.  "Academic Dishonesty: Are More Students Cheating?"  Business Communication Quarterly 74.2 (2011): 141-150.

Thomas, Ebony Elizabeth and Sassi, Kelly.  "An Ethical Dilemma: Talking about Plagiarism and Academic Integrity in the Digital Age."  English Journal 100.6 (2011): 47-53.