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Andrews, John F., editor.  William Shakespeare: His World, His Work, His Influence.  3 volumes.  (Ref. PR 2976 .W5354 1985)

Cahn, Victor L.  The Plays of Shakespeare: a Thematic Guide.  2001.  (Available as an Ebook.)

Smith, Bruce R. and Katherine Rowe, editors.  The Cambridge Guide to the Worlds of Shakespeare.  2 volumes.  (PR 2976 .C295 2016)  (On Reserve)

Wells, Stanley.  An A-Z Guide to Shakespeare.  2nd edition.  2013.  (Available as an eBook through Oxford Reference Online: Premium.)

Wells, Stanley W., and Lena Cowen Orlin, editors.  Shakespeare: an Oxford Guide.  (PR 2976 .S333 2003)

Encyclopedias and Dictionaries

Blake, N. F.  Shakespeare's Non-Standard English: a Dictionary of His Informal Language.  2004.  (Available as an eBook.)

Boyce, Charles.  Shakespeare A to Z: the Essential Reference to His Plays, His Poems, His Life and Times, and More.  (Ref. PR 2892 .B69 1990)

Burt, Richard, editor.  Shakespeares After Shakespeare: an Encyclopedia of the Bard in Mass Media and Popular Culture.  2 volumes.  (Ref. PR 2880 .A1 .S48 2007)

Campbell, Oscar James and Edward Quinn, editors.  The Reader's Encyclopedia of Shakespeare.  1966.  (Ref. PR 2892 .C3)

Clark, Sandra.  Shakespeare and Domestic Life: a Dictionary.  (PR 2892 .C425 2018)

Crystal, David.  The Oxford Dictionary of Original Shakespearean Pronunciation.  (Ref. PR 2892 .C778 2016)

Davis, J. Madison and A. Daniel Frankforter.  The Shakespeare Name Dictionary.  (Ref. PR 2892 .D33 1995)

DeLoach, Charles, compiler.  The Quotable Shakespeare: a Topical Dictionary.  (Ref. PR 2892 .D37 1988)

Edelman, Charles.  Shakespeare's Military Language: a Dictionary.  2001.  (Available as an eBook.)

Findlay, Alison.  Women in Shakespeare: a Dictionary.  2010.  (Available as an eBook.)

Gillespie, Stuart.  Shakespeare's Books: a Dictionary of Shakespeare Sources.  2004.  (Available as an eBook.)

Hassel, R. Chris.  Shakespeare's Religious Language: a Dictionary.  2007.  (Available as an eBook.)

Innes, Paul.  Class and Society in Shakespeare.  2007.  (Available as an eBook.)

Kökeritz, Helge.  Shakespeare's Names: a Pronouncing Dictionary.  1959.  (Ref. PR 3081 .K57)

McConnell, Louise.  Dictionary of Shakespeare.  (Ref. PR 2892 .M398 2000)

Maguire, Laurie E.  Shakespeare's Names.  2007.  (PR 3081 .M34 2007) (Also available as an eBook.)

Martin, Michael Rheta and Richard C. Harrier.  The Concise Encyclopedic Guide to Shakespeare.  1971.  (Ref. PR 2892 .M39)

Nares, Robert.  A Glossary of Words, Phrases, Names, and Allusions in the Works of English Authors, Particularly of Shakespeare and His Contemporaries.  New edition.  1966.  (Reprint of the 1905 edition.)  (Ref. PE 1667 .N32 1966x)

Olsen, Kirstin.  All Things Shakespeare: an Encyclopedia of Shakespeare's World.  2 volumes.  (Ref. PR 2892 .O56 2002)

Onions, C. T., enlarged and revised by Robert D. Eagleson.  A Shakespeare Glossary.  (Ref. PR 2892 .O6 1986)

Partridge, Eric.  Shakespeare's Bawdy: a Literary & Psychological Essay and a Comprehensive Glossary.  Revised edition.  (Ref. PR 2892 .P27 1969)

Quennell, Peter, and Hamish Johnson.  Who's Who in Shakespeare.  (Ref. PR 2989 .Q4 1973b)

Rubinstein, Frankie.  A Dictionary of Shakespeare's Sexual Puns and Their Significance.  (Ref. PR 2892 .R82 1984)

Sabatier, Armelle.  Shakespeare and Visual Culture.  2017.  (Available as an eBook.)

Schalkwyk, David.  Shakespeare, Love and Language.  (PR 3069 .L6 .S33 2018)

Scheeder, Louis, and Shane Ann Younts.  All the Words on Stage: a Complete Pronunciation Dictionary for the Plays of William Shakespeare.  1st edition.  (Ref. PR 3081 .S27 2002)

Schmidt, Alexander.  Shakespeare-Lexicon: a Complete Dictionary of All the English Words, Phrases and Constructions in the Works of the Poet.  Revised and enlarged by Gregor Sarrazin.  4th edition.  2 volumes.  (Ref. PR 2892 .S4 1923)  (6th edition. 1971.  Volume 1 only.  Available as an eBook.)

Shewmaker, Eugene F.  Shakespeare's Language: a Glossary of Unfamiliar Words in His Plays and Poems.  2nd edition.  (Ref. PR 2892 .S447 2008)

Sokol, B. J.  Shakespeare and Tolerance.  2008.  (PR 3024 .S66 2008)  (Also available as an eBook.)

Sokol, B. J. and Mary Sokol.  Shakespeare, Law, and Marriage.  2003.  (Available as an eBook.)

Sokol, B. J. and Mary Sokol.  Shakespeare's Legal Language: a Dictionary.  2004.  (Available as an eBook.)

Stokes, Francis Griffin.  A Dictionary of the Characters & Proper Names in the Works of Shakespeare: with Notes on the Sources and Dates of the Plays and Poems.  (Reprint of the 1924 edition.)  (Ref. PR 2892 .S67 1970)

Thomson, Wilfrid Harry.  Shakespeare's Characters: a Historical Dictionary.  1951.  (Ref. PR 2982 .T45)

Wells, Stanley W.  A Dictionary of Shakespeare.  Revised edition.  (Ref. PR 2892 .W43 2005)

Criticism, Analysis, Interpretation, Etc.

Alexander, Catherine M.S., editor.  The Cambridge Companion to Shakespeare's Last Plays.  (PR 2981.5 .C36 2009)

Baker, Arthur E.  A Shakespeare Commentary.  2 volumes.  (Ref. PR 2892 .B2 1957)

Bartlett, John.  A New and Complete Concordance or Verbal Index to Words, Phrases, & Passages in the Dramatic Works of Shakespeare, with a Supplementary Concordance to the Poems.  (Ref. PR 2892 .B34 1896)

Blake, N. F.  Shakespeare's Language: an Introduction.  (PR 3075 .B55 1983)

Blank, Paula.  Shakesplish: How We Read Shakespeare's Language.  2018.  (Available as an eBook.)

Burns, Timothy.  Shakespeare's Political Wisdom. 1st edition.  (PR 3017 .B87 2013)

Callaghan, Dympna, editor.  A Feminist Companion to Shakespeare.  2nd edition.  2016.  (Available as an eBook.)

Charney, Maurice.  Shakespeare on Love & Lust.  (PR 3069 .L6 .C48 2000) (Also available as an eBook.)

Charney, Maurice.  Shakespeare's Villains.  (PR 2992 .V5 .C46 2012) (Also available as an eBook.)

Charney, Maurice.  Wrinkled Deep in Time: Aging in Shakespeare.  (PR 3069 .A38 .C53 2009) (Also available as an eBook.)

Chiari, Sophie.  Shakespeare's Representation of Weather, Climate and Environment: the Early Modern "Fated Sky."  2017.  (Available as an eBook.)

Chiari, Sophie and Mickael Popelard, editors.  Spectacular Science, Technology, and Superstition in the Age of Shakespeare.  (PR 3047 .S63 2017)  (Also available as an eBook.)

Corum, Richard.  Understanding Hamlet: a Student Casebook to Issues, Sources, and Historical Documents. 1998.  (Available as an eBook.)

Crystal, David.  'Think On My Words': Exploring Shakespeare's Language.  (PR 3072 .C79 2008)  (Also available as an eBook.)

Curran, Kevin, editor.  Shakespeare and Judgment.  2017.  (Available as an eBook.)

De Grazia, Margreta, and Stanley Wells, editors.  The New Cambridge Companion to Shakespeare.  2nd edition.  (PR 2894 .C33 2010)

Dobson, Michael, editor.  The Oxford Companion to Shakespeare.  2015.  (Available as an eBook.)

Dominic, Catherine C., editor.  Shakespeare's Characters for Students.  (Ref. PR 2989 .S53 1997)

Dutton, Richard, and Jean E. Howard, editors.  A Companion to Shakespeare's Works.  4 volumes.  (PR 2976 .C572 2003) (All 4 volumes available as eBooks.)

Garber, Marjorie B.  Shakespeare After All.  1st edition.  (PR 2976 .G368 2004) 

Goldstein, David B. and Amy L. Tigner, editors.  Culinary Shakespeare: Staging Food and Drink in Early Modern England.  (PR 3069 .F64 .C85 2016)

Halliday, F. E.  A Shakespeare Companion, 1550-1950.  1952.  (Ref. PR 2892 .H3)

Hamlin, Hannibal, editor.  The Cambridge Companion to Shakespeare and Religion. (PR 3011 .C285 2019)

Hattaway, Michael, editor.  The Cambridge Companion to Shakespeare's History Plays.  1st edition.  (PR 2982 .C29 2002)

Hodgdon, Barbara and William B. Worthen, editors.  A Companion to Shakespeare and Performance.  (PR 3091 .C64 2005) (Also available as an eBook.)

Jackson, Kenneth S. and Arthur F. Marotti, editors.  Shakespeare and Religion: Early Modern and Postmodern Perspectives.  (PR 3011 .S32 2011)

Jones, Gwilym.  Shakespeare's Storms.  2016.  (Available as an eBook.)

Kastan, David Scott, editor.  A Companion to Shakespeare.  (Ref. PR 2910 .C66 1999)

Kastan, David Scott.  A Will to Believe: Shakespeare and Religion.  1st edition.  (PR 3011 .K37 2014)  (Also available as an eBook.)

Kehler, Dorothea.  Shakespeare's Widows.  1st edition.  (PR 3069 .W53 .K44 2009)

Kemp, Theresa D.  Women in the Age of Shakespeare.  (PR 2991 .K46 2010) (Also available as an eBook.)

Kermode, Frank.  Shakespeare's Language.  (PR 3072 .K47 2000)

Lammers, Lukas.  Shakespearean Temporalities: History on the Early Modern Stage.  (PR 3014 .L28 2018)

Lopez, Jeremy, editor.  Richard II: New Critical Essays.  (PR 2820 .R57 2012)

McDonald, Russ.  The Bedford Companion to Shakespeare: an Introduction with Documents.  2nd edition.  (PR 2894 .M385 2001) (On Reserve)

McDonald, Russ, editor.  Shakespeare: an Anthology of Criticism and Theory, 1945-2000.  (PR 2970 .S495 2004)  (On Reserve)

McEachern, Claire, editor.  The Cambridge Companion to Shakespearean Tragedy.  1st edition.  (PR 2983 .C28 2002)

MacFaul, Tom.  Problem Fathers in Shakespeare and Renaissance Drama.  (PR 2992 .F3 .M33 2012)  (Also available as an eBook.)

McNeill, Fiona.  Poor Women in Shakespeare.  (PR 2991 .M345 2007)

Nordlund, Marcus.  Shakespeare and the Nature of Love: Literature, Culture, Evolution.  (PR 3069 .L6 .N57 2007)

Nostbakken, Faith.  Understanding A Midsummer Night's Dream: a Student Casebook to Issues, Sources, and Historical Documents.  (PR 2827 .N68 2003)

Nostbakken, Faith.  Understanding The Tempest: a Student Casebook to Issues, Sources, and Historical Documents.  (PR 2833 .N67 2004)

Novy, Marianne.  Shakespeare and Feminist Theory.  (PR 2991 .N68 2017)

O'Dell, Leslie.  Shakespearean Scholarship: a Guide for Actors and Students. 2002.  (Available as an eBook.)

Palmer, Alan and Veronica Palmer.  Who's Who in Shakespeare's England.  (Ref. PR 2910 .P3 1999)

Podewell, Buzz.  Shakespeare's Watch: a Guide to Time and Location in the Plays.  2 volumes.  (Ref. PR 3069 .T5 .P63 2009)

Rampone, W. Reginald, Jr.  Sexuality in the Age of Shakespeare.  (PR 3069 .S45 .R36 2011)

Ravassat, Mireille and Jonathan Culpeper, editors.  Stylistics and Shakespeare's Language: Transdisciplinary Approaches.  2011.  (Available as an eBook.)

Richardson, Catherine.  Shakespeare and Material Culture.  (PR 2995 .R53 2011)

Rosenblum, Joseph, editor.  The Greenwood Companion to Shakespeare: a Comprehensive Guide for Students.  4 volumes.  (PR 2976 .G739 2005)

Schwarz, Kathryn.  What You Will: Gender, Contract, and Shakespearean Social Space. 1st edition.  (PR 2991 .S37 2011) (Also available as an eBook.)

Schoenfeldt, Michael Carl, editor.  A Companion to Shakespeare's Sonnets.  (PR 2848 .C66 2007) (Also available as an eBook.)

Shaheen, Naseeb.  Biblical References in Shakespeare's Comedies.  (Ref. PR 3012 .S48 1993)

Shaheen, Naseeb.  Biblical References in Shakespeare's Plays.  (Ref. PR 3012 .S53 1999) (Also available as an eBook: 2011 reprint of 1999 edition.)

Shakespeare Uncovered.  Series 1.  DVD.  2 volumes.  (PR 2894 .S53 2013)  (Also available as streaming videos through the Films on Demand database.)

Shakespeare Uncovered.  Series 2.  DVD.  2 volumes.  (PR 2894 .S53 2014)  (Also available as streaming videos through the Films on Demand database.)

Shakespeare Uncovered.  Series 3.  DVD.  2 volumes.  (PR 2894 .S53 2018)  (Also available as streaming videos through the Films on Demand database.)

Shell, Alison.  Shakespeare and Religion.  (PR 3011 .S494 2010) (Also available as an eBook.)

Spevack, Marvin.  The Harvard Concordance to Shakespeare.  1973.  (Ref. PR 2892 .S62)

Usher, Peter D.  Shakespeare and the Dawn of Modern Science.  (PR 3047 .U84 2010)

Wells, Stanley W., editor.  The Cambridge Companion to Shakespeare Studies.  (PR 2976 .C29 1986)

Wells, Stanley W.  Shakespeare, Sex, & Love.  (PR 3069 .S45 .W46 2010) (Also available as an eBook.)

Woodford, Donna.  Understanding King Lear: a Student Casebook to Issues, Sources, and Historical Documents.  (PR 2819 .U54 2004)


Berman, Ronald.  A Reader's Guide to Shakespeare's Plays: a Discursive Bibliography.  (Ref. PR 2894 .B1 .B45 1965)

Champion, Larry S.  The Essential Shakespeare: an Annotated Bibliography of Major Modern Studies.  (Ref. PR 2894 .B1 .C53 1986)

Ebisch, Walther.  A Shakespeare Bibliography.  (Reprint of 1931 edition.) (Ref. PR 2894 .B1 .E18 1968), & Supplement for the Years 1930-1935, to A Shakespeare Bibliography.  (Reprint of 1936 edition.)  (Ref. PR 2894 .B1 .E18 1968 suppl.)

Elton, William R.  Shakespeare's World: Renaissance Intellectual Contexts: a Selective, Annotated Guide, 1966-1971.  (Ref. PR 2894 .B1 .E38 1979)

Hayashi, Tetsumaro.  Shakespeare's Sonnets: a Record of 20th-Century Criticism.  (Ref. PR 2894 .B1 .H38 1972)

Howard-Hill, T. H.  Shakespearian Bibliography and Textual Criticism: a Bibliography.  (Ref. PR 2894 .B1 .H68 1971)

Jaggard, William.  Shakespeare Bibliography: a Dictionary of Every Known Issue of the Writings of the Poet and of Recorded Opinion Thereon in the English Language.  (Ref. PR 2894 .B1 .J21 1959)

McManaway, James Gilmer and Jeanne Addison Roberts.  A Selective Bibliography of Shakespeare: Editions, Textual Studies, Commentary.  (Ref. PR 2894 .B1 .M33 1975)

Smith, Gordon Ross.  A Classified Shakespeare Bibliography, 1936-1958.  (Ref. PR 2894 .B1 .S64 1963)

Velz, John W.  Shakespeare and the Classical Tradition: a Critical Guide to Commentary, 1660-1960.  (Ref. PR 2894 .B1 .V4 1968)

Walker, John Lewis, compiler.  Shakespeare and the Classical Tradition: an Annotated Bibliography, 1961-1991.  (Ref. PR 3037 .S55 2002)

Wells, Stanley W., editor.  Shakespeare: a Bibliographical Guide.  New edition.  (Ref. PR 2894 .B1 .S53 1990)

Woodbridge, Linda.  Shakespeare: a Selective Bibliography of Modern Criticism.  (Ref. PR 2976 .B1 .W66 1988)


Bibliographies - Plays Covered in Class

Carroll, D. Allen and Gary Jay Williams.  A Midsummer Night's Dream: an Annotated Bibliography.  (Ref. PR 2827 .B1 .C37 1986)

Champion, Larry S., compiler.  King Lear: an Annotated Bibliography.  2 volumes.  (Ref. PR 2819 .B1 .C47 1980)

Raven, Anton Adolph.  A Hamlet Bibliography and Reference Guide, 1877-1935.  (Ref. PR 2807 .B1 .R2 1966)


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