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Book Review Sources: Introduction


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Book Review Sources

This guide will help you identify appropriate sources for finding book reviews.  These sources include general databases, subject databases, and print indexes. Use the tabs at the top to choose the type of resource you want to use.

In order to locate book reviews, it is important to know when the book was first published. If you have the book in hand, look on both sides of the title page for a copyright date. If you do not have the book, check the online catalog or ask the reference librarian to recommend a source to verify the date. Be sure to have the date of original publication as reviews normally appear within three to five years after this date.

It is usually easiest to begin with general indexes, such as  Book Review Index Plus. Once you have complete citations, use the online catalog to identify which journals we own, then locate the specific review articles.

Two other things to keep in mind when looking for book reviews:

  • The older the book, the harder it is to find reviews.
  • Not all books are reviewed, especially those from small publishers.