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Information Literacy at Dacus Library

Policies and Definitions

Library Classroom - Dacus Library, Room 18

The Library Classroom is intended as a resource to enhance the information literacy of students and faculty from all disciplines.

Policy on Use

NOTE:  Assignments are made on a first-come first-served basic, with priority given to library faculty/staff in the case of requests received simultaneously.

  1. All instructors must agree to the terms of room use.
  2. The classroom is used exclusively for instruction requiring hands-on computer training.  This includes:
    • Dacus Library orientation and subject related instructional and training sessions for Winthrop University faculty, students and staff.
    • Academic courses requiring no more than five class sessions per semester using an instructional computer lab.
  3. All classes must be scheduled in advance.
  4. Priority for use of the room will be given to:
    • Library instruction and training sessions scheduled two weeks in advance.
    • Academic courses requiring 1-5 class sessions of an instructional computer lab, requested at least two weeks in advance.
    • Other university related requests depending on availability.
  5. Semester-long courses will not be scheduled in the classroom.
  6. Groups not affiliated with Winthrop may not use the classroom.
  7. Students may not reserve the room for instructional purposes or serve as instructors in the classroom, except when the activity for which the room is requested has a faculty sponsor present who accepts responsibility for adhering to the policies and procedures for the use of the room.


To reserve the Library Classroom, contact the Information Literacy Librarian at Dacus Library: Cody Walters, 803-323-2311,

Getting Help

If you encounter difficulty with the equipment, ask for assistance at the Reference Desk  Do NOT attempt to fix the equipment yourself.

Room Description

Room 18 has 24 computer workstations, an instructor's workstation, and enough additional chairs to accommodate a maximum class size of 30.