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Interior Design: INDS 487: search terms

Senior Thesis Topics

  1. Art and cultural center in Easley, SC-looking to bring educational and awareness opportunities to this area.
    1. Pertinent search terms: cultural facility/facilities, art center, community center - design and construction
  2. Wellness center in Greenville, SC
    1. Pertinent search terms: wellness centers, health facility/facilities
  3. looking to expand the downtown area to help with crowding in the current downtown area.
    1. Pertinent search terms: urban design, town centers, crowding
  4. Food market in Rock Hill or similar location -looking to help those who do not have access to quality food sources in the area.
    1. Pertinent search terms: food market, grocery, food stand, farmer's market, design and construction, food desert
  5. Hip and Funky Senior Center in Charlotte (Charlotte)- looking to cater to the aging population (Boomers and Gen Xers) that are not elderly but still want to have fun.  Changing the perspective of what it means to go to a Senior Center.  This is not your typical bingo night!
    1. Pertinent search terms: senior center(s), senior living, active living, design and construction, senior activity center(s)
  6. Recreation center in Rock Hill targeting college students, young people and families with children-looking to give this age group something to do in the area.
    1. Pertinent search terms: - Specific example search: recreation center AND ((college student*) OR youth OR family)) AND (design and construction) AND (United States)
  7. Upscale Multi-Use Facility with Food, Retail, and Fashion using a theme the incorporates cars, high end clothing, cigars, smoking jackets, martinis, etc.-wants to bring a place for people to enjoy fine dining, along with other amenities that go with this concept. (Charlotte)
    1. Pertinent search terms: Retail facility, multi-use, specific example search: (retail AND (upscale or high end)) AND (design and construction) AND (United States)

Appropriate databases: Academic Search Complete, Art Index, Business Source Complete, Regional Business News.

for ebooks: Ebrary and look for Building Type Basics in print and ebook collections.