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Literary Criticism: Finding Books

Finding Books in the Library

Use the Dacus Library online catalog to locate books available on your topic.  Use the following general search strategies:

  • Use “Advanced Search”

  • Start with broad topic

  • Search by “Keyword”, but…

  • Make use of “    “ and *

  • Narrow results by adding additional topics and filters

  • Narrow results by adding  filters are usually listed, for example, year, author, format

To find books about a particular author, search by keyword using the author's name.  Using "  " around the author's name will make the search more specific.

You can also find criticism of a particular work by searching the title of the work (e.g., Grapes of Wrath), as a keyword.  Using "  " around the title will make the search more specific.

Adding additional keywords and/or phrases as keywords (with "  ") will make the search more specific.  Some helpful key words include:



Drama-History and Criticism

Feminist Criticism

Feminist Literary Criticism


Literature-History and Criticism

Marxist Criticism

New Criticism

Poetry-History and Criticism

Reader Response Criticism

Structuralism Literary Analysis

Style, Literary


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Search PASCALCAT for Books

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