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Athletic Training/Exercise Science: Reference Resources

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Reference Resources

Listed below are peer-reviewed reference books that are available for your use.  Some of these are located on the shelves near the reference desk, others are available online.

Clinical Orthopedic Assessment Guide

(Ref. RD734 .L68 2008)

A reference that provides techniques for accurate patient assessment and functional information about normal and abnormal static and dynamic motions. This second edition has been reformatted with a smaller size and streamlined content, with essential information regarding regional assessments and whole-body mechanical functions.

CRC Desk Reference on Sports Nutrition

(Ref. TX361 .A8 .K47 2005)

A comprehensive and authoritative desk reference on contemporary sports nutrition whose authors adhered to the principles of scientific discipline while at the same time making the text accessible to anyone with an interest in sports medicine. The listing includes important issues regarding exercise metabolism and performance, ergogenic prospects and products - both legal and illegal - as well as common dietary supplements and traditional herbs which play a part in sports nutrition.

Credo Reference

An online collection of scholarly reference books covering all subject areas.

Encyclopedia of Exercise, Sport, and Health

(Ref. GV567 .B78 2004)

Contains over 2,000 entries on training, nutrition, psychology, injuries, illnesses, prevention, and alternative treatments.

Encyclopedia of Sports Medicine

(Ref. RC1206 .E53 2011)

A four-volume set with entries written by healthcare professionals covering all aspects of sports medicine, including conditioning and training, diet and nutrition, injury treatment and prevention, rehabilitation and physical therapy, and sports psychology.  Includes more than 550 graphs, photographs, anatomical drawings, x-ray images, and MRI scans. 

The Encyclopedia of Sports Medicine

(Ref. RC1206 .O355 2005)

This comprehensive resource presents more than 150 entries that contain valuable information suitable for the professional athlete, amateur sportsperson, and sports trainer alike. Individual entries explain many specific injuries, such as ankle sprain and jumper's knee, while extensive appendixes outline the most common injuries associated with popular sports, list safety tips and guidelines for each one, and offer advice on training programs.

Gale Encyclopedia of Medicine

(Ref. RC41 .G35 2006)

Written by medical experts for the layperson, this five-volume set has 1,750 alphabetically arranged entries ranging in length from one paragraph to several pages. Topics addressed encompass diseases, disorders, and conditions; tests and procedures; therapies; and drugs. Some 675 color photos, tables, and line drawings supplement the text.

Magill's Medical Guide

(Ref. RC41 .M34 2008)

This five-volume set includes 883 entries, written by 265 professionals, covering the major diseases and disorders that affect the human body.

 Oxford Reference Online

Over 100 scholarly reference books published by Oxford University Press.