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Winthrop University

New Titles @ Dacus

This guide lets you know about new resources now available at Dacus Library, including the Music Library and Pettus Archives.


The Rise of Magic in Early Medieval Europe
Throwaway Nation
Storytelling in design
This Is Who We Were
Alice Walker's Metaphysics
The Elements of a Home
Children of Ash and Elm
Culture, Community, and Educational Success

Complete list - the letters represent the call number range. A guide to the call numbers is in a box to the left.

Our EResource vendors regularly update our EBook and EJournal collections. 

Here is a sample of some of the new additions.


Twentieth Century Drama (from ProQuest)


The Gale encyclopedia of cancer : a guide to cancer and its treatments.

Understanding and navigating discrimination in America.

Distance Learning for Elementary STEM : creative projects for teachers and families / Amanda Thomas.

White Freedom The Racial History of an Idea / Tyler Stovall.

The Walls Within The Politics of Immigration in Modern America / Sarah R. Coleman.

The loud minority : why protests matter in American democracy / Daniel Q. Gillion.

The great demographic illusion : majority, minority, and the expanding American mainstream / Richard Alba.

The deportation machine : America's long history of expelling immigrants / Adam Goodman.

The campus color line : college presidents and the struggle for black freedom / Eddie R. Cole.

Syrian requiem : the civil war and its aftermath / Itamar Rabinovich, Carmit Valensi.

Steadfast Democrats : how social forces shape Black political behavior / Ismail K. White, Chryl N. Laird.

SCOTUS 2019 : Major Decisions and Developments of the US Supreme Court / edited by David Klein, Morgan Marietta.

Prototype Nation : China and the contested promise of innovation / Silvia M. Lindtner.

Privilege and punishment : how race and class matter in criminal court / Matthew Clair.

Policing the second amendment : guns, law enforcement, and the politics of race / Jennifer Carlson.

Minds Wide Shut How the New Fundamentalisms Divide Us / Gary Saul Morson, Morton Schapiro.

Hidden heretics : Jewish doubt in the digital age / Ayala Fader. [electronic resource]

Hate in the homeland : the new global far right / Cynthia Miller-Idriss.

From Peoples into Nations : A History of Eastern Europe / John Connelly.

Encyclopedia of major marketing strategies. Volume 4 / Matthew Miskelly, editor.

Defend the sacred : Native American religious freedom beyond the First Amendment / Michael D. McNally.

Cosmology's century : an inside history of our modern understanding of the Universe / P.J.E. Peebles. 

Byzantine intersectionality : sexuality, gender, and race in the Middle Ages / Roland Betancourt.

American decades : 2000-2009 / edited by Eric Bargeron ; with James F. Tidd, Jr.

Antiquities : what everyone needs to know / Maxwell L. Anderson. [electronic resource]

About antiquities : politics of archaeology in the Ottoman Empire / Zeynep Celik.

Storytelling in design : defining, designing, and selling multidevice products / Anna Dahlström.

C - History

Whose Middle Ages? : teachable moments for an ill-used past / Andrew Albin, Mary C. Erler, Thomas O'Donnell, Nicholas L. Paul, Nina Rowe, editors ; introduction by David Perry ; afterword by Geraldine Heng.

D - World History

Early medieval settlements : the archaeology of rural communities in Northwest Europe, 400-900 / Helena Hamerow.

The Vandals / Andy Merrills and Richard Miles.

The Western Front : a history of the Great War, 1914-1918 / Nick Lloyd.

Stalin's war : a new history of World War II / Sean McMeekin.

The last ghetto : an everyday history of Theresienstadt / Anna Hájková.

Britain in the first millennium / Edward James.

Alfred the Great : war, kingship and culture in Anglo-Saxon England / Richard Abels.

The Valois : kings of France, 1328-1589 / Robert J. Knecht.

The Merovingian kingdoms, 450-751 / Ian Wood.

The divorce of Lothar II : Christian marriage and political power in the Carolingian world / Karl Heidecker ; translated from the Dutch by Tanis M. Guest.

King and emperor : a new life of Charlemagne / Janet L. Nelson

The penitential state : authority and atonement in the age of Louis the Pious, 814-840 / Mayke de Jong.

Charles the Bald / Janet Nelson.

Germany in the early middle ages, c. 800-1056 / Timothy Reuter.

Struggle for empire : kingship and conflict under Louis the German, 817-876 / Eric J. Goldberg.

Hitler : downfall, 1939-1945 / Volker Ullrich ; translated from the German by Jefferson Chase.

A demon-haunted land : witches, wonder doctors, and the ghosts of the past in post-WWII Germany / Monica Black.

Mobilizing Black Germany : Afro-German women and the making of a transnational movement / Tiffany N. Florvil.

People and identity in ostrogothic Italy, 489-554 / Patrick Amory.

Stalin : passage to revolution / Ronald Grigor Suny.

The Cambridge history of Russia / edited by Maureen Perrie.

Nested nationalism : making and unmaking nations in the Soviet Caucasus / Krista A. Goff.

Children of ash and elm : a history of the Vikings / Neil Price.

Dance on the razor's edge : crime and punishment in the Nazi ghettos / Svenja Bethke ; translated by Sharon Howe.

Sacred mandates : Asian international relations since Chinggis Khan / edited by Timothy Brook, Michael van Walt van Praag, and Miek Boltjes.

The Philippines : from earliest times to the present / Damon L. Woods.

China's good war : how World War II is shaping a new nationalism / Rana Mitter.

Cairo / André Raymond ; translated by Willard Wood.

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E-F - History of the Americas

Discovering the American Past : a Look at the Evidence / William Bruce Wheeler, University of Tennessee, Lorri Glover, Saint Louis University.

Four hundred souls : a community history of African America, 1619-2019 / edited by Ibram X. Kendi and Keisha N. Blain.

Negro building : Black Americans in the world of fairs and museums / Mabel O. Wilson.

Stamped from the beginning : the definitive history of racist ideas in America / Ibram X. Kendi.

Plundered skulls and stolen spirits : inside the fight to reclaim Native America's culture / Chip Colwell.

The Mexican Revolution's wake : the making of a political system, 1920-1929 / Sarah Osten (University of Vermont).

The Mexican Mahjar : transnational Maronites, Jews, and Arabs under the French Mandate / Camila Pastor

The Guatemala reader : history, culture, politics / Greg Grandin, Deborah T. Levenson, and Elizabeth Oglesby, eds.

The Argentina reader : history, culture, politics / edited by Gabriela Nouzeilles and Graciela Montaldo.

The Chile reader : history, culture, politics / Elizabeth Quay Hutchison, Thomas Miller Klubock, Nara B. Milanich, and Peter Winn, editors.

The Bolivia reader : history, culture, politics / Sinclair Thomson, Rossana Barragán, Xavier Albó, Seemin Qayum, and Mark Goodale, editors.

The Peru reader : history, culture, politics / edited by Orin Starn, Carlos Iván Degregori, and Robin Kirk.

The good immigrants : how the yellow peril became the model minority / Madeline Y. Hsu.

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J - Political Science

Melancholy order : Asian migration and the globalization of borders / Adam M. McKeown.

K - Law

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N - Fine Arts

Strange beauty : German painting at the National Gallery / Caroline Bugler.

The Louvre : the history, the collections, the architecture / by Bresc-Bautier with photographs by Gérard Rondeau.

Inventing the Louvre : art, politics, and the origins of the modern museum in eighteenth-century Paris / Andrew McClellan.

Bauhaus imaginista : a school in the world / edited by Marion von Osten and Grant Watson.

The art museum from Boullée to Bilbao / Andrew McClellan.

The art of ancient Egypt / Gay Robins.

Medieval art / Veronica Sekules

Baroque and Rococo / Gauvin Alexander Bailey

Hearts of our people : Native women artists / Jill Ahlberg Yohe, Teri Greeves ; editor, Laura Silver ; foreword by Kaywin Feldman.

Latinx art : artists, markets, politics / Arlene Dávila.

Henry van de Velde : designing modernism / Katherine M. Kuenzli.

Among others : Blackness at MoMA / Darby English and Charlotte Barat ; [foreword by Glenn D. Lowry].

Forged : why fakes are the great art of our age / Jonathon Keats

Art and crime : exploring the dark side of the art world / edited by Noah Charney ; afterword by John Stubbs.

Loot : the battle over the stolen treasures of the ancient world / Sharon Waxman.

The idols of ISIS : from Assyria to the internet / Aaron Tugendhaft.

Antoni Gaudí I Cornet : the complete works, 1852-1926 / Rainer Zerbst, Peter Gössel.

Race and modern architecture : a critical history from the Enlightenment to the present / edited by Irene Cheng, Charles L. Davis II, Mabel O. Wilson.

The art museum in modern times / Charles Saumarez Smith.

Begin with the past : building the National Museum of African American History & Culture / Mabel O. Wilson ; foreward by Lonnie G. Bunch III.

Atlas of mid-century modern houses / Dominic Bradbury.

New loft residence design : a complete guidebook for loft residence design / chief editor Li Ahong ; executive editor Wang Chen.

Posters : the collection of the International Red Cross and the Red Crescent Museum / editorial director, Roger Mayou ; writers and poster selection, Catherine Burer, with Marie-Dominique De Preter, Marie-Laure Berthier, Alessia Barbezat and Sascha Bedoni.

The world of Jak Smyrl : South Carolina artist, journalist, cartoonist / Joan A. Inabinet and L. Glen Inabinet.

Moonlight travellers / Quentin Blake ; with Will Self.

What images really tell us : visual rhetoric in art, graphic design and advertisment / Massimo Mariani.

Street art / Simon Armstrong

Medieval monsters : terrors, aliens, wonders / Sherry C.M. Lindquist, Asa Simon Mittman ; with a preface by China Miéville.

Hokusai's landscapes : the complete series / Sarah E. Thompson.

Patterns in art : a closer look at the old masters / Francesca Leoneschi ; with illustrations by Giovanna Ferraris ; text by Silvia Lazzaris

Food for thought truck : how a San Francisco design firm turned an ice cream truck into a mobile studio and took it on the road in pursuit of new perspectives / Studio O+A ; design direction, Verda Alexander & Elizabeth Vereker ; graphic design & illustration, Paulina McFarland ; author, Al McKee ; editor, Justin Lewis.

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P - Language and Literature

Radical writing center praxis : a paradigm for ethical political engagement / Laura Greenfield.

Romantic things : a tree, a rock, a cloud / Mary Jacobus.

A history of the bildungsroman / edited by Sarah Graham.

Spirit of place : artists, writers & the British landscape / Susan Owens.

Geoffrey Chaucer in context / edited by Ian Johnson.

The poet and the antiquaries : Chaucerian scholarship and the rise of literary history, 1532-1635 / Megan L. Cook

A new companion to Malory / edited by Megan G. Leitch and Cory James Rushton.

John Donne in context / edited by Michael Schoenfeldt.

The art of The Faerie Queene / Richard Danson Brown.

The Cambridge companion to medieval English law and literature / edited by Candace Barrington, Central Connecticut State University, Sebastian Sobecki, University of Groningen, the Netherlands.

The vanished world; an autobiography [by] H.E. Bates. Illustrated by John Ward.

The sentimental novel in the eighteenth century / edited by Albert J. Rivero.

Half of a yellow sun / Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.

Katherine Mansfield and periodical culture / Chris Mourant.

Nathaniel Hawthorne in context / edited by Monika M. Elbert.

The value of Herman Melville / Geoffrey Sanborn (Amherst College).

Joan Didion : the 1980's & 90's : Salvador ; Democracy ; Miami ; After Henry ; The last thing he wanted / Joan Didion ; David L. Ulin, editor.

Exit west : a novel / Mohsin Hamid.

The reluctant fundamentalist / Mohsin Hamid.

Alice Walker's metaphysics : literature of spirit / Nagueyalti Warren.

Binti : the complete trilogy / Nnedi Okorafor.

Remote control / Nnedi Okorafor.

From the beak of an eagle / Larry C. Timbs, Jr.

The Bedford introduction to drama / Lee A. Jacobus.

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Q - Science

Imagination + Technology / Phil Turner.

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R - Medicine

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U - Military Science

V - Naval Science

Z - Bibliography, Library Science

State Government Documents


Federal Government Documents


The Library collects children's books to support the Education curriculum. 

The Juvenile Collection also includes Young Adult fiction such as Harry Potter, and John Green.

Sacajawea : the story of Bird Woman and the Lewis and Clark Expedition / Joseph Bruchac.

Akata warrior / Nnedi Okorafor.

Akata witch / Nnedi Okorafor.

Ikenga / Nnedi Okorafor.

Resources added to the collections of the Louise Pettus Archives and Special Collections include:

Is it so bad to be yourself? / By Andrew S. Russell.

Collegiate codebreakers : Winthrop, women, and war / By Marlana Mayton.

The AIDS virus and the galvanization of the LGBTQ movement for equality / By Michael Ernest Wachowski.

Video killed the drag star : identity presentation, language, and queer habitus / By Hayley Neiling.

A comparison of coyote diets in urban and rural habitats in the Piedmont of South Carolina / By Bethany Krug.

The effect of Staphylococcus aureus exposure on white-tailed deer trabecular bone stiffness and yield / By Emily Brooke Long.

Examining provider perceptions and roles associated to breastfeeding support and medical management in primary care / By Meghan Ganio Molinari.

Optimization of DNA extraction from human milk / By Cassandra Z. Rutherford.

Analysis of injuries and costs of public safety occupations : a systematic review / Jade Witmer.

The effect of learning styles on strength training perceptions and satisfaction / By Shayna Covington.

Teachers of writing who write : finding voice and embracing vulnerability / By Jeanne Muraco Hurney.

Habitat modification on an urban high school campus / By Nickolas John Davros II.

The effect of cortical remodeling on bone stiffness in white-tailed deer proximal humerus / by Jack Nguyen.

Development of a CRISPR system to mutate Lpar4 in chick retinal ganglion cells / By Garrett Driscoll.

Retrospective evaluation of a dietitian-led corporate wellness program / By Catherine Johnston, RD, LD, CPT.

Evaluating the effects of detergent concentration on the reendothelialization and ultrastructure of porcine internal thoracic artery scaffolds / by Jesse Bruce Kooistra.

The elementary spelling book : Being an improvement on The American spelling book / by Noah Webster.

The Stanford speller / by John C. Almack and Elmer H. Staffelbach.