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New Titles @ Dacus

This guide lets you know about new resources now available at Dacus Library, including the Music Library and Pettus Archives.


The Lesser Jihads
Leading with Dignity
Internet of Things Security and Data Protection
Medieval travel and travelers
Legislative Hardball
The Rise of Yeast
The US vs China
Building Character

Complete list - the letters represent the call number range. A guide to the call numbers is in a box to the left.

Our EResource vendors regularly update our EBook and EJournal collections. 

Here is a sample of some of the new additions.


Nick Hern books modern plays annual update 2021


Collapse of a country : memoirs of a diplomat in South Sudan / Nicholas Coghlan ; foreword by Roméo Dallaire and Shelly Whitman.

The culturalist challenge to liberal republicanism / Michael Lusztig.

A Political Companion to Frederick Douglass [electronic resource] / edited by Neil Roberts.

Encyclopedia of medieval pilgrimage / edited by Larissa J. Taylor [and others].

Principles of strategic data science : creating value from data, big and small / Peter Prevos.

Teachers of the People : Political Education in Rousseau, Hegel, Tocqueville, and Mill / Dana Villa.

Supreme Injustice : Slavery in the Nation's Highest Court / Paul Finkelman.

Spy watching : intelligence accountability in the United States / Loch K. Johnson.

A short history of European law : the last two and a half millennia / Tamar Herzog.

Secularism : politics, religion, and freedom / Andrew Copson.

Russia's response to sanctions : how Western economic statecraft is reshaping political economy in Russia / Richard Connolly, University of Birmingham.

Russian 'hybrid warfare' : resurgence and politicisation / Ofer Fridman.

Roots of war : wanting power, seeing threat, justifying force / David G. Winter.

Rentier Islamism : the influence of the Muslim Brotherhood in Gulf monarchies / Courtney Freer.

Regulating the polluters : markets and strategies for protecting the global environment / Alexander Ovodenko. [electronic resource]

Protest state : the rise of everyday contention in Latin America / Mason W. Moseley.

Power and feminist agency in capitalism : toward a new theory of the political subject / Claudia Leeb.

Politics over process : partisan conflict and post-passage processes in the U.S. Congress / Hong Min Park, Steven S. Smith, and Ryan J. Vander Wielen.

Passing : Two Publics in a Mexican Border City / Rihan Yeh.

Party vibrancy and democracy in Latin America / Fernando Rosenblatt.

Palestinian citizens of Israel : power, resistance and the struggle for space / Sharri Plonski.

Outsiders : why difference is the future of civil rights / Zachary Kramer.

On parliamentary war : partisan conflict and procedural change in the US Senate / James I. Wallner.

Nation and aesthetics : on Kant and Freud / Kōjin Karatani ; translated by Jonathan E. Abel, Darwin H. Tsen and Hiroki Yoshikuni.

Liberal suppression : Section 501(c)(3) and the taxation of speech / Philip Hamburger.

Law and Legitimacy in the Supreme Court / Richard H. Fallon.

John Adams vs. Thomas Paine : rival plans for the early republic / Jett B. Conner.

Inside the mind of Marine Le Pen / Michel Eltchaninoff.

Inside the Arab State / Mehran Kamrava.

India turns east : international engagement and US-China rivalry / Frédéric Grare. [electronic resource]

In Their Own Best Interest : A History of the U.S. Effect to Improve Latin Americans / Lars Schoultz.

Hubert Humphrey : The Conscience of the Country / Arnold A. Offner.

How fear works : culture of fear in the twenty-first century / Frank Furedi.

Hate, politics, law : critical perspectives on combating hate / Thomas Brudholm and Birgitte Schepelern Johansen. [electronic resource]

Give and take : the citizen-taxpayer and the rise of Canadian democracy / Shirley Tillotson.

Getting nuclear weapons right : managing danger and avoiding disaster / Stephen J. Cimbala.

From independence to revolution : Egypt's Islamists and the contest for power / Gillian Kennedy.

Exile, diaspora, and return : changing cultural landscapes in Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, and Uruguay / Luis Roniger, Leonardo Senkman, Saúl Sosnowski, and Mario Sznajder. [electronic resource]

A Conviction in Question : The First Trial at the International Criminal Court / Jim Freedman.

The Causes of War and the Spread of Peace / Azar Gat.

Bugsplat : the politics of collateral damage in Western armed conflicts / Bruce Cronin.

Blockchain and the law : the rule of code / Primavera De Filippi De Filippi.

1968 : the rise and fall of the new American Revolution / Robert C. Cottrell and Blaine T. Browne.

The rape of Europa / a production of Actual Films in association with Agon Arts & Entertainment & Oregon Public Broadcasting ; written, produced and directed by Richard Berge, Nicole Newnham and Bonni Cohen.

Handbook of research on climate change impact on health and environmental sustainability / Soumyananda Dinda ; contributors, Albert Arhin [and forty-six others].

Invisible Victims and the Pursuit of Justice

Diversity, equity, and inclusivity in contemporary higher education / Rhonda Jeffries.


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C - History

Sapiens : a brief history of humankind / Yuval Noah Harari.

D - World History

The great delusion : liberal dreams and international realities / John J. Mearsheimer.

Becoming Madam Chancellor : Angela Merkel and the Berlin Republic / Joyce Marie Mushaben.

The Cambridge history of Russia / edited by Maureen Perrie.

International politics in the Arctic : contested borders, natural resources and Russian foreign policy / Geir Hønneland.

Caliphate redefined : the mystical turn in Ottoman political thought / Hüseyin Yılmaz.

In pursuit of peace in Israel and Palestine / Gershon Baskin

Both Eastern and Western : an intellectual history of Iranian modernity / Afshin Matin-Asgari.

The Quest for authority in Iran : a history of the presidency from revolution to Rouhani / Siavush Randjabra-Daemi.

The US vs China : Asia's new Cold War? / Jude Woodward.

State of repression : Iraq under Saddam Hussein / Lisa Blaydes.

Civil war in Syria : mobilization and competing social orders / Adam Baczko, Gilles Dorronsoro, Arthur Quesnay.

E-F - History of the Americas

Enemies of the state : the radical right in America from FDR to Trump / D.J. Mulloy.

Civic hope : how ordinary Americans keep democracy alive / Rodrick P. Hart.

Republic in peril : American empire and the liberal tradition / David C. Hendrickson

Nixon in New York : how Wall Street helped Richard Nixon win the White House / Victor Li.

Trump and political philosophy : patriotism, cosmopolitanism, and civic virtue / Marc Benjamin Sable, Angel Jaramillo Torres, editors.

Deep roots : how slavery still shapes Southern politics / Avidit Acharya, Matthew Blackwell, Maya Sen.

The politics of blackness : racial identity and political behavior in contemporary Brazil / Gladys L. Mitchell-Walthour.


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G - Geography, Anthropology, Recreation

Medieval travel and travelers : a reader / edited by John F. Romano.

Satellite image analysis : clustering and classification / Surekha Borra, Rohit Thanki, Nilanjan Dey.

Spatiotemporal analysis of extreme hydrological events / edited by Dr Ir. Gerald Corzo, Emmanouil A. Varouchakis.

H - Social Sciences

Population, development, and the environment : challenges to achieving the sustainable development goals in the Asia Pacific / Helen James, editor.

Mass starvation : the history and future of famine / Alex de Waal.

Constitutional coup : privatization's threat to the American republic / Jon D. Michaels.

Leading with dignity : how to create a culture that brings out the best in people / Donna Hicks, Ph. D.

The development dilemma : security, prosperity, and a return to history / Robert H. Bates.

Beyond the vanguard : everyday revolutionaries in Allende's Chile / Marian E. Schlotterbeck.

Avoiding war, making peace / Richard Ned Lebow.

Enlightenment in an age of destruction : intellectuals, world disorder, and the politics of empire / Christopher Britt, Paul Fenn, Eduardo Subirats.

Sex matters : how modern feminism lost touch with science, love, and common sense / Mona Charen.

Renewing democracy in young America / Daniel Hart and James Youniss.

Making peace in drug wars : crackdowns and cartels in Latin America / Benjamin Lessing, University of Chicago.

Boko Haram : the history of an African jihadist movement / Alexander Thurston.

Solitary : the inside story of supermax isolation and how we can abolish it / Terry Allen Kupers.

The Palgrave handbook of anarchism / Carl Levy, Matthew S. Adams, editors.

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J - Political Science

Rule breaking and political imagination / Kenneth A. Shepsle.

Three-text edition of Thomas Hobbes's political theory : the elements of law, De cive, and Leviathan / edited by Deborah Baumgold.

The politics of place : Montesquieu, particularism, and the pursuit of liberty / Joshua Bandoch.

Max Weber and international relations / edited by Richard Ned Lebow.

The ideology of failed states : why intervention fails / Susan L. Woodward, City University of New York, Graduate Center.

Demopolis : democracy before liberalism in theory and practice / Josiah Ober.

The sense of injustice and the origin of modern democracy / Bruce J. Smith.

Leftism reinvented : Western parties from socialism to neoliberalism / Stephanie L. Mudge.

John Rawls : reticent socialist / William A. Edmundson.

Injustice : political theory for the real world / Michael Goodhart.

Rawls's Egalitarianism.

Impact, legitimacy, and limitations of truth commissions / Angela D. Nichols.

Valuing bureaucracy : the case for professional government / Paul R. Verkuil, Cardozo Law School.

A democratic bearing : admirable citizens, uneven injustice, and critical theory / Stephen K. White, University of Virginia.

Legislative hardball : the House Freedom Caucus and the power of threat-making in Congress / Matthew N. Green.

Red fighting blue : how geography and electoral rules polarize American politics / David A. Hopkins.

The Great alignment : race, party transformation, and the rise of Donald Trump / Alan I. Abramowitz.

The American road trip and American political thought / Susan McWilliams Barndt.

Party polarization in America : the war over two social contracts / B. Dan Wood with Soren Jordan.

Republican character : from Nixon to Reagan / Donald T. Critchlow.

Down the ballot [videorecording].

Electoral rules and democracy in Latin America / Cynthia McClintock.

Conservative parties and the birth of democracy / Daniel Ziblatt, Harvard University.

The contentious public sphere : law, media, and authoritarian rule in China / Ya-Wen Lei.

Democratic transition in the Muslim world : a global perspective / edited by Alfred Stepan

Handcuffs and chain link : criminalizing the undocumented in America / Benjamin Gonzalez O'Brien.

Twilight of the titans : great power decline and retrenchment / Paul K. MacDonald and Joseph M. Parent.

Psychology of a superpower : security and dominance in U.S. foreign policy / Christopher J. Fettweis.

The return of bipolarity in world politics : China, the United States, and geostructural realism / Øystein Tunsjø.

China as a polar great power / Anne-Marie Brady.

Diplomacy : communication and the origins of international order / Robert F. Trager.

Coercion : the power to hurt in international politics / edited by Kelly M. Greenhill, Peter Krause.

Destined for war : can America and China escape Thucydides's trap? / Graham Allison.

K - Law

An ecological theory of free expression / Gary Chartier.

The John F. Sonnett Memorial Lectures at Fordham University School of Law : a half-century of advocacy and judicial perspectives / Dennis J. Kenny and Joel E. Davidson, editors.

The Holocaust, corporations and the law : unfinished business / Leora Bilsky.

Mapping American criminal law : variations across the 50 states / Paul H. Robinson and Tyler Scot Williams.

Secession on trial : the treason prosecution of Jefferson Davis / Cynthia Nicoletti.

Just mercy : a story of justice and redemption / Bryan Stevenson.

The twenty-six words that created the Internet / Jeff Kosseff.

World War I and the American Constitution / William G. Ross, Samford University, Birmingham, Alabama.

Is racial equality unconstitutional? / Mark Golub.

Birthright citizens : a history of race and rights in antebellum America / Martha S. Jones.

The free exercise of religion in America : its original constitutional meaning / Ellis M. West.

American Indians and the trouble with sovereignty : structuring self-determination through federalism / Kouslaa T. Kessler-Mata.

Judges in street clothes : acting ethically off-the-bench / Raymond J. McKoski.

Deadly justice : a statistical portrait of the death penalty / Frank R. Baumgartner, Marty Davidson, Kaneesha R. Johnson, Arvind Krishnamurthy, Colin P. Wilson.

Foreigners on America's death rows : the legal combat over access to a consul / John Quigley.

Intellectual disability and the death penalty : current issues and controversies / Marc J. Tassé and John H. Blume.

The impeachment of Chief Justice David Brock : judicial independence and civic populism / John Cerullo and David C. Steelman.

The ABC of the OPT : a legal lexicon of the Israeli control over the occupied Palestinian territory / Orna Ben-Naftali, Michael Sfard, Hedi Viterbo.

Living emergency : Israel's permit regime in the occupied West Bank / Yael Berda.

Seeking accountability for the unlawful use of force / edited by Leila Nadya Sadat, Washington University in St. Louis.

The founders : four pioneering individuals who launched the first modern-era international criminal tribunals / edited by David M. Crane, Leila N. Sadat, Michael P. Scharf.

L - Education

How the liberal arts can save liberal democracy / Steven M. DeLue.

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State Government Documents


Federal Government Documents


Resources added to the collections of the Louise Pettus Archives and Special Collections include:

Effects of pine litter raking on plant community composition and soil seed banks in longleaf pine savannas / By Jordan Andrew Winter.

The White homestead : the story of a house, the people who lived in it, and the land around it / by Louise Pettus.

From the beak of an eagle / Larry C. Timbs, Jr.

The changing image of childhood : a content analysis of Caldecott award books / by Terry L. Norton.

Consumer preferences and perceptions of terry towels as related to selected demographic factors / by June Foster Mohler.

Murder, al fresco / Frances Patton Statham.

The boy from Bear Swamp / William Clyde Stegall.

Phoenix rising / Frances Patton Statham.

Stevens' improved Connecticut calendar or almanack for the year of our Lord 1817 ... / by William Stevens.

The publications of the American Tract Society. Vol. I.

American women: fifteen hundred biographies with over 1,400 portraits : a comprehensive encyclopedia of the lives and achievements of American women during the nineteenth century, edited by Frances E. Willard and Mary A. Livermore, assisted by a corps of able editors and contributors.

Recollections and reminiscences, 1861-1865 through World War I.

A guide to olde York : the white rose tour / Yorkville Historical Society.

Quintus Horatius Flaccus.

Dream days / by Kenneth Grahame ; illustrated by Maxfield Parrish.

The dinky ducklings / by Lang Campbell.

Honey bear / written by Dixie Willson ; illustrated by Maginel Wright Barney.